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Vivo Launches Next Generation All-metal Smartphone X6

BEIJING, Dec. 01, 2015 /PRNewswire/


Vivo has officially announced the launch of its latest product, the Vivo X6, an all-metal body smartphone, at the press conference in Beijing on November 30. Vivo's global press conference returns to the Water Cube (The National Aquatics Center) one year after the 2014 press conference.


Vivo's new new flagship smartphone X6

Vivo has been committed to developing a smartphone that excels in appearance, audio and video effects. According to Alex Feng, global vice president and chief marketing officer, as Vivo's first major design released this year, the X6 promises to bring Vivo's key concepts of developing a faster user experience, solving the four major concerns of stability, fluency, battery life and safety towards a smartphone.

Vivo has developed a faster and smarter smartphone X6 by realizing split screen and multi-tasking with lower risks of system crash. X6 lifts its running speed with unique 4G RAM and dual-clip flash charging solution which doubles the charging speed of X6 compared with common mobiles. The fingerprint recognition system also improves the speed and convenience significantly for users to lock or unlock the screen in 0.4 seconds.

Another breakthrough of Vivo to create smart products that have outstanding design, expert level sound quality, ultimate image processing and delightful user experience is to introduce Hi-Fi (High-Fidelity) sound quality into its smartphones including X6. "Vivo's Hi-Fi not only guarantees the high quality reproduction of sound, but also remarkable image processing ability," Reuters remarked.

Vivo's major partners from the Philippines also joined the press conference, including:
Edgar Tan - owner and Head of Logistics for Mind Alliance Ventures Inc. whose stores are known to be Memo Xpress in 300 retail stores nationwide.

Xuan "Alex" Fang - Owner and CFO of Aerophone Cellphone and Accessories in Cebu

Susan Siy - Owner, CSO & CMO of Games and Gadgets

Jason Lu - Owner and CFO of Wiltelcom/Banana telecoms/Pineapple telecoms in Davao

"Vivo has always ventured to pursue perfection and continues to deliver surprises. It's our attitude of producing products with details to make life easier and better. We have been devoted to combining science and technology seamlessly into user lives." Feng said, "The launch of X6 brings a new stage for Vivo to achieve the goal. We will also be releasing new products to create more options for our users to live a different way in near future."

About Vivo

Vivo is a young and energetic global smartphone brand focused on introducing perfect sound quality and amazing design with cutting-edge technology to users. Vivo has brought dynamic, enthusiastic and fashion when developing electronical products. Vivo is among the global top 10 mobile phone makers according to statistics in the third quarter of 2015.