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Senior Brand Manager

Senior Brand Manager


1. Brand positioning and strategy formulation for overseas markets;
2. Formulation of brand promotion and marketing plan;
3. Formulation of media engagement plan;
4. Oversee generation of creative content for brand promotional materials such as TV commercials, product key visuals, etc.
5. Manage all aspects of brand image (VI & SI);
6. Planning and evaluation of large-scale marketing activities;
7. Oversee new product launch and public relations events;
8. Routinely monitor and evaluate brand assets.


1. Bachelors degree or higher
2. At least 3 years experience in branding or marketing
3. Proficient level of English
4. Possesses strong management skills
5. Possesses negotiation and strategic planning abilities
6. Acute sensitivity to branding and industry trends, able to innovate and constantly improve
7. Excellent communication, planning, and analytical skills
8. Creative, passionate, and a team player
9. Available for frequent overseas short-term and possibly long-term travel.

Work location:Shenzhen