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Photographic Art Designer

Photographic Art Designer


1 Exactly understand the aesthetic standard of team target. Responsible for testing and collating photography modules, then feedback
2 Study Face-Beauty and Photo-Filter features, work with R&D team to get the excellent performance
3 Participate in consumer survey activities, analyze and summarize the survey results and feedback


1 Good taste in beauty and in favor of fashion trend;
2 Very interested in photography and selfie. Familiar with photographic equipment and mobile camera;
3 Good at Photoshop or other image processing software tools. Expert in Post-processing such as color adjusting、face beauty;
4 Great patience and great care required at work. Strong abilities of study, cooperation and adaptability;
5 Candidate who is major in Art, Design and Photography would be prior.

PS. Please add your portfolio to the attachment, which can help us to understand you more

Work location:Shenzhen,Guangdong,China