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Where can I purchase Screen-broken Insurance?

Where can I purchase a Vivo phone?

Where can I purchase Extended Warranty?

How can I purchase the themes in i Theme on my Chinese phone?

How can I purchase Vivo phones if there is no Vivo Store in my country?

Where can I purchase or change the original accessories or parts?

What is iRoaming?

How to use iRoaming?

Which SD cards are supported by Vivo phone?

Does the metal cover affect the signal?

Why is there no headset in my phone box?

What is Vivo General Warranty Policy?

How to buy iRoaming?

Can I trade in my old phone for new one?

Can I use the E-warranty card to claim warranty if my receipt and warranty card got lost?

Why is the SIM toolkit gray on my phone?

What should I do if I am far away from the service center?

What is the warranty policy after I replace my phone at service center?

How to check the remaining warranty period of my phone?

What should I do if the liquid enters my phone?

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