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How to take clear photos?

Why are the pictures I take blurred?

How to remove the red eye?

I cannot use Camera. What should I do?

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Why is there the Ghosting when using HDR mode or Ultra HD mode?

Why are there stripes when I take photos of the display screen?

What should I do if I cannot focus on the objects when taking photos?

How to take Time-Lapse pictures(videos)?

The selfies are in the opposite direction. What should I do?

Why is there the virtual shadow?

Why is there the dazzle light?

I cannot turn on flash when I take photos. What should I do?

Why is the Shutter button loaded for a while when taking pictures at night?

Why can I not adjust exposure under Portrait mode?

Why can the photos taken by my phone not be saved?

Why can the flash not be turned on under Portrait mode?

Why are the photos taken in WIDE mode stretched?

Why does the video recorded when using the selfie stick have no sound?

Why will Palm mode be turned off automatically after closing Camera?