• G80 Gaming Processor

  • 6GB+1GB
    Extended RAM

    *1GB Extended RAM relized by software

  • Qualcomm®
    SnpadragonTM 662

    *SDM 662 applies for Y20T only

  • 5000mAh Battery + 18W Fast Charge

16.55cm (6.51-inch)
Halo FullView Display with Eye Protection
(6.51-inch) Halo FullView Display with Eye Protection

The 16.55cm (6.51-inch) Halo FullView Display features an elongated aspect ratio of 20:9 and HD+ (1600×720) resolution. It's wide and immersive, and with the latest in-cell technology, the display is more colorful, too. It bursts with crystal clear detail, ideal for games and videos. The thoughtful Eye Protection Mode also filters out harmful blue light to protect your eyesight throughout the day.

2.5D Dazzling Colors

The perfectly polished 2.5D body is light, ergonomic and fits snugly in your hand. Choose from two all-new, eye-popping colors, which add to its signature style.

Obsidian Black:

Inspired by elegant volcanic glass, this shade has a gem-like finish that makes it look majestic and sophisticated.

Purist Blue:

Inspired by the deep ocean, this color is strong and pure, and perfectly balances dark and light. It combines the feeling of a refreshing breeze with touches of stylish high technology.

Side Fingerprint Sensor
Face Wake

Unlock your phone in one seamless motion, with a side power button that is also a robust fingerprint scanner.

Alternatively, use Face Wake to unlock your phone whenever needed in a blink of an eye.
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 662 Extended RAM 2.0

Powering up your Y20T is the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 662, a 11nm octa-core processor, supported by UFS flash storage which improves writing speed by 58%* comparing to the first-gen Y20G. There's also Extended RAM 2.0, with its unique algorithm that taps on up to 1GB of idle ROM space, giving you a boosted 7GB* RAM phone experience so you can open and switch between apps more quickly. Finally, the 1TB capacity expansion offered by the Triple Card Slot offers you the freedom to put in all the music, movies, photos and videos that you love. 1-4

4GB/6GB RAM + 64GB/128GB ROM

With 64GB/128GB of space, Y20G 2021/Y20G can let you install and run as many apps as you like. The triple card slot supports memory expansion of up to 256GB, so all your cherished music, movies, photos and films easily fit.

*Support memory expansion of up to 256GB. Micro SD card needs to be purchased separately.
*Actual available RAM/ROM is less due to the storage of operating system and pre-installed apps.
  • 4GB/6GB


  • 64GB/128GB


5000mAh Battery + 18W Fast Charge Technology
5000mAh Battery + 18W Fast Charge Technology

Power up with a long-lasting 5000mAh (TYP) battery and juice up in no time with 18W Fast Charge – anytime, anywhere. Preserve battery use with our VEG technology which lives up to your active life and helps you stay connected 24/7 5-7.

Don’t forget the reverse charging function which turns your phone into a mobile power bank.

AI Triple Camera

Y20T's AI Triple Camera is supported by a wide range of features, including Face Beauty, Portrait Light Effects and Filters. You can also seamlessly switch perspectives to turn all the wonderful things in front of your eyes into master shots. With a main 13MP rear camera, a f/2.2 large aperture and PDAF technology, every detail will shine.

  • 13MP

    Main Camera

  • f/2.2

    Large Aperture

Main Camera
Bokeh Camera
Super Macro Camera
Bokeh Camera

The 2MP Bokeh camera delivers accurate and sophisticated results, thanks to our updated bokeh algorithm. Now, portraits look more alive and boast greater depth, with quality befitting magazine covers.

Super Macro Camera

Discover tiny and exciting worlds full of gems hidden right before your eyes with a focus that draws as close as 4cm.

Multi-Turbo 3.0

Our exclusive Multi-Turbo3.0 includes a Center Turbo that works at the system’s base level, and an AI Turbo that predicts and resolves system abnormalities (often caused by third-party apps) before they happen. From better network performance, to rapid cooling, to smooth AI functions and game play, user experience is now more exhilarating than ever.

*Center Turbo and AI Turbo are available on FOS 11.
Multi-Turbo 5.0

vivo Multi-Turbo 5.0 enhances data connection, system processor speed and power-saving performance to a whole new level. A cooling solution across four components keeps Y20T cool even in intense combat8.

Ultra Game Mode

Ultra Game Mode now presents you brand-new Esports Mode, which brings ultimate intensity to everyday game action. Additionally, customized audio effects and stereo sound help transport you to distant worlds and realistic battle fields.

Do Not Disturb removes distracting alerts and incoming messages so you can devote your full attention to winning glory.

Brightness Lock disables automatic brightness adjustments so your game experience is not jeopardized.

With Game Picture-in-Picture feature on, sliding three fingers up, and you are ready to play games while message chatting on Messages, WhatsApp and etc.

Ultra Game Mode

Ultra Game Mode has been newly updated to give you a fuller sensory gaming experience. Play, enjoy and win in cooler style and with more fun9-10.

4D Game Vibration

Game Picture-in-Picture

Do Not Disturb

Esports Mode

Funtouch OS 11
AI Editor

AI Editor enables you to create stylish videos and quickly share them on social media. Its AI algorithm identifies both faces and scenes within your video footage, then splices them into a new reel, within a vlog template.


Memories helps you group your photos by time and location. Discover which of your photos fit together in new and innovative ways; creating even more moments and memories.

Your Mobile Butler

The attentive iManager frees vivo users from boring everyday tasks. Set it up to take care of tasks such as cleaning up your phone or scanning for issues at night. iManager keeps your phone in good shape while you enjoy a good night’s sleep.


  • 1. Writing speed data is based on tests in vivo labs and with the test phone restored to the factory settings. Test environment: ambient temperature 25℃±1. Actual writing speed is subject to actual usage and may vary depending on environmental and other factors.
  • 2. By using algorithms to allocate part of ROM, Extended RAM can enable an additional 1GB over the 6GB of RAM.
  • 3. Support memory expansion of up to 1TB. Micro SD card needs to be purchased separately.
  • 4. Actual available RAM/ROM is less due to the storage of operating system and pre-installed apps.
  • 5. Reverse charging requires an OTG cable which needs to be purchased separately.
  • 6. The typical battery capacity is 5000mAh, and the rated battery capacity is 4910mAh.
  • 7. Y20T and Y20G are both equipped with a vivo standard charger (power adapter 9V/2A), and support up to 18W Fast Charge. Charging data is obtained from vivo labs. The actual charging power is dynamically adjusted as the scene changes, and subject to actual use.
  • 8. The four aspects of cooling system are: graphite cooling plate, high heat conductivity copper foil, heat conductive gel, Cooling Turbo intelligent heat dissipation management system.
  • 9. 4D Game Vibration only applies to PUBG.
  • 10. Esports mode is now supported in some certain games, and more games will support it on an on-going basis. Contact our official customer service centers for a list of compatible games.
  • 11. Measured diagonally, the screen size is 6.51-inch in the full rectangle. Actual display area is slightly smaller.
  • 12. The product pictures and features shown are for reference only, the images shown on the display screen are simulated, and for demonstration purposes only. Please take actual products as standard.
  • 13. All data is based on our technical design parameters, laboratory test results and supplier test data. Actual performance may vary depending on software version, specific test environment and phone model. All comparisons shown on this page refer to vivo products only.
  • 14. As some specifications, parameters, or parts of the product may vary due to supplier change or different production batches, vivo may update the descriptions on this page accordingly without giving any prior notice. Please read this page carefully before use.
  • 15. The pixel value may vary under different camera modes, and is subject to actual usage.
  • 16. Actual dimensions and weight may differ due to variations in processes, measurement method, and material supplies.