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How to perform “Restore all settings”?

How to change the status from "is_root=1" to "is_root=0" ?

Can I root my phone?

Can I install the system update on my rooted phone normally?

Where can I find RAM details on my phone?

How to recover my rooted phone?

Will "Wipe data" damage my phone?

How to perform Wipe data?

How can I know whether the system of my phone is 64-bit or 32-bit?

How to enter Engine mode?

How to exit “工程模式”?

How to check if my phone is rooted?

How to forcibly reboot my phone?

Why is it still "is root=1" although my phone has been recovered?

Why is the available RAM less than the fact RAM although I close all apps?

Why are there ads always popping up on my phone?

My phone shows Encryption failed. What should I do?

Why is the total amount of the RAM the apps use less than the Used RAM?

العثور على هاتفي
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