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What should I do if there is no Baseband driver on my phone?

How to check the Baseband version?

How to check the phone Mac address?

Can I surf the Internet while I am talking on the phone?

How to create VPN on settings?

Can the MAC address be changed?

What is VPN and what is the use of VPN?

Why does my signal indicator shift from 4G to H every time I make a phone call?

Why is my phone bill charged gratuitously?

How can I know whether my vivo phone supports the network in my country?

The signal is unstable. What should I do?

What is Baseband version?

Does the metal cover affect the signal?

Which carrier in Chinese Mainland can vivo phones sold out of Chinese Mainland support the SIM card from?

Why can others not call me but I can phone them?

How can I know whether my Chinese phone supports the network in my country?

The call ends automatically when talking on my vivo phone. What should I do?

Does vivo phone support “Auto hang up the phone and reply SMS” when I am busy?

The calling always ends automatically in several minutes. What should I do?

Can I make phone calls without SIM card?

Can I play my phone when in thunders?

Why can I not record the calling voice via Screen recording with Record Voice on?

Why does my phone make phone calls automatically?

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