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How to turn on/off High background power consumption?

How to make my phone last for longer time?

What should I do if my phone drains fast even though I don`t use it?

What can we do with High background power consumption?

Will Eye Protection Mode consume much power?

Does Smart motion waste battery?

How to perform the power consumption test?

What is Low power mode?

Why does the battery capacity reduce if I play my phone while charging?

Does it damage my phone to play games & apps for a long time?

Does Low power mode affect the performance of my phone?

What is Super saver?

Will it damage my phone if Low power mode is on for a long time?

The battery capacity goes up or down after reboot. What should I do?

Can I turn off the Low battery notification?

Can I set scheduled Super saver mode?

How to exit Super saver mode?

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