Enjoyable Toys Service

April 17, 2024

vivo After-sales Philippines promotes Enjoyable Toys Services for our valued clients during the waiting period of repair to enjoy the service of our service center.

Warm prompt

1. Waiting has always been the hardest part for everything, but our service centers are now offering games and activities a client can use to kill time while they eagerly wait for their handset to get fixed.

2. These are not only just any kind of toy, but nostalgic ones. Remember when video games were not much of a thing back then, and these mind-challenging games are the ones that take the time of children.


Just visit our official online  website to for the nearest service centers nationwide.


Customer Service Info

Toll Free: 180013220368

Email: vivo.serviceph@ph.vivo.com

Website: https://www.vivo.com/ph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vivo.philippines


Some service items are subject to the actual conditions of the service center. For details, please contact the local service center.