Your Story,
Told Cinematically

Visual and Performance,

Quicker Charge
for Endurance

Redesigned with
a Touch of Elegance

ZEISS Professional Imaging​

Flagship Smooth Experience

80W FlashCharge

Ultimate Aesthetic Design

For More Cinematic

Experience the new heights of X80's
imaging capabilities,
made possible by vivo
ZEISS Co-engineered Imaging System.

Every Moment Is a
Cinematic Adventure

ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh

Recreate the unique bokeh shapes of
typical anamorphic lens effect, making videos dreamlike.

00:00:0 0

Professional Video from
a Professional Pair


vivo V1+ Chip

Enhance your videos to easily capture the
beauty of nighttime.

vivo V1+ Chip


Ultra-Sensing IMX866 Sensor

Improve what you captured with better
resolutions, lesser noise, and greater details.

Ultra-Sensing IMX866 Sensor

One Tap to Light It Up

AI Video Enhancement

Light up your videos with professional
brilliance even in
darkness, with greater
resolution and details.


Unshaken on Every Ground


Active Centering OIS System

Keep It Steady in Every Scene

Active Centering OIS System ensures that
your video
is stable no matter which angle
you take it from.

Stay Calm in Shaky Situations


360º Horizon Leveling Stabilization

Keep Your Shots Stable at All Times

No matter how the world rotates, 360º
Horizon Leveling
Stabilization keeps your
shooting angle rock-steady.

Take Control Over
Details and Time

Take maximum control over the details
with pro-standard settings and
enjoy the
privilege of professional filmmaking with
plenty of LUTs style!

Time-Lapse feature helps you capture the
beauty of time’s
passage in high-quality videos.

Bring Out Your Inner
Charisma in Every Portrait

x80 ZEISS Cinematic
Style Bokeh

x80 ZEISS Biotar
Style Bokeh

x80 ZEISS Distagon
Style Bokeh

x80 ZEISS Planar
Style Bokeh

x80 ZEISS Sonnar
Style Bokeh


ZEISS Style Portrait (ZEISS Biotar Style Bokeh) is recreated in X80 series by taking the ZEISS Contax Biotar1.5/75as inspiration.

ZEISS Style Portrait (ZEISS Distagon Style Bokeh) is recreated in X80 series by taking the ZEISS Hasselblad Planar 2.8/80 as inspiration.

ZEISS Style Portrait (ZEISS Planar Style Bokeh) is recreated in X80 series by taking the ZEISS Contax 2.0/28 T* (‘Hollywood Distagon”) as inspiration.

ZEISS Style Portrait ( ZEISS Sonnar Style Bokeh) is recreated in X80 series by taking the ZEISS Olympia Sonnar T* 180mm f2.8 as inspiration.


Let Your Glamour
Glow in the Dark

Pairing AI Skin Retouching Algorithm and AI HD
Algorithm, the 12MP Portrait Camera turns low-light
portraits into brighter, high-quality ones.

Take studio-quality shots that retain depth of complexion,
so you look all natural.

Quality Portraits for
the Time Together

AI group portrait pays special attention to each individual
face, making sure you and your loved ones look clear,
sharp, and in the best shape.

Catch the Moves Like
a Real Pro

Camera Panning follows your movements to
create dynamic sports photos.

Empower What You
Capture with Purity


ZEISS T*Coating helps to reduce ghosting
and straylight
while improving image
quality and restoring colors.1

Bring Out the Beauty
Day and Night

Picture the Night
What It Truly Is

See the night and all its details clearly, with
Pure Night View.

Find Joy in the Night

Reveal color of the night, making the night look brighter and more
natural, thanks to the Ultra-Sensing IMX866 Sensor.

See Beauty in
Its Original Color

See nature in a way as accurate as being there yourself,
with supports from AI Perception Engine and
ZEISS Natural Color.

Tracking Every Move
with Precision

AI Object Autofocus keeps up with and locks onto the subject, even if it is in continuous motion.

Experience the
Performance of a
True A-lister

Peak Experience from
a Powerful Chipset

From faster app operations to faster transfers, take on life's demands with the speed and power of the vivo V1+ Chip and MediaTek Dimensity 9000.

Improved for a Smoother

Enhanced LPDDR5

16 % Theoretical Rate

Enhanced UFS 3.1

41 % Sequential Write Speed

63 % Random Write Speed

UFS Deep Defragmentation2

17 % Big Games Install Speed

Super System Process
Extended RAM 2.03

4G + Available Memory

Seize the Power to Last
All Day,
Every Day

More than just staying power, the 4500mAh(TYP) battery
gets your X80 up and running again ahead of time, every time.4

Charge Over a
Short Break

Enjoy charging at lighting quick speed with the
80W FlashCharge.5

A Large Display for Great Details

See richer display of colors and visuals with
the E5 6.78-inch FHD+ 3D Curved Screen.6

Immersive Gaming with
These Game-Changers

Eagle Eye Mode

Treats your eyes to more details and colors in every scene.


Dual Stereo Speaker

For an immersive experience with powerful audio.


X-Axis Linear Motor

Provides vibration feedbacks straight from the game.


Ultra Large Liquid Cooling
Vapor Chamber

A great leap of cooling technology that offers maximum cooling surface area which keeps the game running smoothly.


AI Gaming Super Resolution

Keeps gaming performances at an optimal level.




Be Seen with a
Rarely Seen Elegance

Feel the Attraction at
First Sight

Fall in love with the classy 3D Curved
Screen, a mainstay of the series.

Make the Classier Choice

Carry with you the curves of our
signature Cloud Window design.

Feel Stunning in
Every Color

Turn heads with the different
but equally elegant colors of Cosmic
Black and Urban Blue.


ZEISS, the ZEISS Logo, Vario-Tessar and T* are registered trademarks of Carl Zeiss AG.

The 128GB edition is equipped with UFS Deep Defragmentation 1.0; the 256GB edition is equipped with UFS Deep Defragmentation 2.0.

Actual available RAM/ROM is less due to the storage of operating system and pre-installed apps.

The Battery Rated Capacity is 4380 mAh.

X80 is equipped with vivo standard charger (FlashCharge adapter 20V / 4A), and supports up to 80W. The actual charging power is dynamically adjusted as the scene changes, and subject to actual use.

Measured diagonallv. the screen size is 6.78 inch in the full rectanale. Actual display area is slightly smaller.

Accessibility of some certain features may vary across regions. The product pictures and features shown are for reference only, the images shown on the display screen are simulated, and for demonstration purposes only. Please take actual products as standard.

All data is based on vivo's technical design parameters, laboratory test results and supplier test data. Actual performance may vary depending on software version, specific test environment and phone model.All comparisons refer to vivo products only.

As some specifications, parameters, or parts of the product may vary due to reasons like supplier change or different production batches, vivo may update the descriptions on this page accordingly without giving any prior notice. Please read this page carefully before use.

The pictures are for function illustration. The pixel value may vary under different camera modes and is subject to actual usage, and some sample images have been cropped or illustrated with logo removed and are for reference only. Actual shooting results shall prevail.

The coverage and service of 5G network are subject to the actual deployment of local operators.