1 Free Battery Replacement

Posted on May 10, 2024

The Consumers who purchase the V30 series will receive 1 Free Battery Replacement within 4 years (1460 calendar days) from the date of product activation if the maximum battery capacity is less than 80%

Service Includes:

Genuine vivo Battery

Manufacturer Warranty Remains Valid

VIP Collection Service

Provided by: vivo South Africa

1. Offer period, Place, Outlet Coverage & Products coverage

1.1 This offer is only valid on vivo V30 series device("Product") only.

1.2 Offer shall be valid across the territory of South Africa only;

1.3 This offer is available on the purchase of the products through our official offline and online stores.

1.4 vivo reserves the right to extend or annul the offer period at its sole discretion

1.5 V30 offer is only valid from Apr 1, 2024 until Mar 31,2025.

1.6 V30e offer is only valid from June 1,2024 until May 31,2025.

2. Eligibility Criteria

2.1 There is no limit to the number of battery replacements that can be performed within the first year of purchasing the device if battery is faulty or the maximum battery of the phone is less than 80%.

Pre-condition: details as per warranty instructions; to learn more, click the following link: https://www.vivo.com/za/en/index/warrantyTerms

2.2 This Offer of One Free Battery Replacement is available between the second and fourth years from device activation if the device's maximum battery is less than 80%. (NB: this offer does not cover others' faults between the second and fourth years; it is only eligible if maximum battery is less than 80%.)

2.3 Products that have been damaged by liquid, humidity, or corrosion, physical damage, human error, or force majeure, or misused or repaired in "unauthorized vivo service center" are not covered one free battery replacement

2.4 Offer shall be applicable only on new Product(s) purchased, it does not apply to demo devices, LDUs, or consumers who do not have valid purchase proof.

2.5 Any bulk sale to corporate(s), firm(s) or any other institute or individual shall not be eligible for this Offer.

3. Redemption of One Free Battery Replacement

3.1 Every customer who has purchased and activated their Product shall be eligible to one free battery replacement

3.2 The offer for customers who purchase the V30 prior to Mar 31,2025 will be availed within 4 years (1460 calendar days) from the date of activation

3.3 The offer for customers who purchase the V30e prior to May 31,2025. will be availed within 4 years (1460 calendar days) from the date of activation

3.4 Charges for other consumables shall be levied as applicable.

3.5 This offer is only available at vivo official service center that are listed on the vivo official website.

3.6 There are no additional charges at the vivo official service center.

4. Verification of the documents

4.1 Before availing the Offer, consumers will be required to hand over a copy of the invoice to the official service center, issued by the respective Online or Offline Outlet at the time of purchase of the Product and produce the original invoice along with the mobile phone for verification. (NB: IMEI is required to be reflected on the invoice)

4.2 In case any documents/invoice are prima facie found to be false & fabricated or the original invoice is either lost or torn, customer shall not be eligible for the Offer and the same shall stand forfeited and no claims shall be entertained in this regard.

5. Forfeiture clause

5.1 if consumers who purchased the device have not used this offer in 4 years (1460 calendar days) from the date of the Product activation (i.e. during the stipulated time as mentioned above in the eligibility criteria column) the offer will be forfeited, and no claims will be entertained in this regard against vivo.


If have any queries, please contact vivo call center 080 000 8783; vivo official service center 080 000 8486

Please kindly note: Some service items are subject to the actual conditions of the service center. For details, please contact vivo official service center.