Warranty Terms

Warranty Instructions

Thank you for using vivo mobile phone, we provide below warranty policies for your mobile phone, if the following rules contain any inconsistency or omission of the national policies, the national policies shall prevail.


A. Warranty Terms

For performance faults caused by product quality issues, you can enjoy the following warranty services by presenting valid proof of purchase:

1. The warranty period is 24 months for handset from the purchasing date, 12 months for imbedded battery, and 6 months for charger, earphone and data cable from the purchasing date.

2. To claim your rights of return and replacement, a valid proof of purchase must be presented.

3. For other elements of the product (such as Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, etc.), our company does not undertake any responsibility of warranty.


B. Warranty Repair Instructions

1. Warranty repair only applies to devices being used in normal conditions. If the device is damaged due to reasons other than quality or due to one of the following, you are not entitled to warranty replacement or repair, but you can pay to have the device repaired.

1.1. Outside the warranty replacement or repair period;

1.2. Without valid proof of purchase, not including cases where you can prove that the device is indeed still within the warranty period;

1.3. Content on the valid proof of purchase does not match that on the labels on the device or has been changed;

1.4. Damage caused by device use, maintenance and care not in accordance with the Manual;

1.5. Damage caused by disassembling done by a service shop not approved by vivo;

1.6. Damage caused by force majeure; Natural wear (of the cover, buttons, screen and accessories etc.);

1.7. Faults, deficiencies or defects that are not attributable to vivo;

1.8. Device damages caused by using non-original accessories (charger, data cable) are not covered by the replacement and repair warranty.

2. For the repair of devices that are seriously damaged due to human error, such as water getting in or breakage by dropping, a relevant repair agreement needs to be signed between the customer and the repair shop first.

3. You can replace or repair the device at any of the service shops in the vivo service network.

4. All parts, components and accessories being replaced during the warranty period belong to vivo.


C. Sending the Device for Repair and Taking It Back

1. The customer shall complete the Repair Worksheet as required, with clear handwriting and valid information (name, address, telephone number and fault description).

2. Before sending your device for repair, back up all important information (for instance, contacts) stored in your device first to avoid loss or leakage.

3. After repair, present your copy of the Repair Handover Form to get your device back and in the meanwhile request the repair shop to provide you with the Repair Worksheet. In case you lost your copy of the Repair Handover Form, you should initiate the reporting of loss procedure, by presenting your ID card or valid identity proof at the repair shop. You can then get your device back within 7 days.

4. If you pay by cheque, you can only get your device back after the cheque has been cleared.