Drop off & Collection Points

Dear vivo Customer,

We all have busy schedules and may not always have someone at home to send or receive packages on your behalf.

Getting your device repaired has never been easier; thanks to our partnership with Pargo, which offers over 4000 drop-off and collection locations throughout South Africa.

Not only getting your device repaired be easier, but you will also benefit from the vivo Value Added Services listed below.


* Free Courier Service on devices booked in for repairs
* Genuine vivo Spares Parts
* Discount on spare parts on selected models and accessories
* Free TPU Cover and Screen Protector
* Free Labour on repairs
* Free Phone cleaning and Software Upgrades


Repair Flow

For inquiries and booking of drop off points
Click to inquire.


Sending a Parcel

1.  How can I track my parcel?
You can track your parcel by inserting the tracking number into our tracking platform:

2.  Can I change the drop off point and/or the collection point?
You may change either or both locations prior to dropping off the parcel, please contact us to assist.


3.  How long do I have to drop off my parcel?
Your order will stay open on the system for up to 30 days, thereafter you need to contact us should you wish to use.

Collecting a Parcel

1.  How will I know when my parcel is ready for collection?

You will receive SMS and/or email notification as soon as your parcel has been delivered to your chosen Pargo parcel point and is ready for collection.


2.  What do I need to bring to collect a parcel?
All you need is your ID and the Pargo Code for that parcel. You will receive a unique Pargo Code in the sms and/or email that informs you that your parcel is ready for collection.


3.  What is the Pargo code?
This is a unique and random security code that you receive by sms and/or email at the moment the parcel arrives at your preferred Pargo parcel point. You will need this code to collect the parcel. Without it, you will not be able to collect.


4.  I have lost my Pargo code. what should I do?
The Pargo Code can be found in the sms and/or email notification that informs you that your parcel is ready for collection. If you have lost your Pargo Code, please contact us to receive a new code.


5.  I received a notification that my parcel has been delivered but they can't find the parcel at my Pargo parcel point.
Are you at the correct Pargo parcel point? Please check the collection address you received via SMS and/or email to confirm you went to the right Pargo parcel point. If you visited the right pickup point, please contact us.


6.  My email address or phone number has changed.
Please contact Pargo and provide us with your new contact details. Without your details Pargo is unable to notify you that your parcel is ready for collection.


7.  Can someone else collect my parcel?
Yes. The person collecting will have to bring your ID (or a copy) and unique Pargo Code.


8.  How many days do I have to pick up my parcel?
Pargo holds the parcel for 8 days from the moment you receive your sms/email notification. If you have not collected your parcel within 8 days, it will be returned to the sender.


9.  Can I change my collection point?
Your delivery point can be different to the initial collection point but unfortunately once the parcel has been handed over by the sender we cannot change the collection point.


For more information, please call us on 0800008486 or 0105906344



1.  Please back up your personal data before sending your phone for repair, as data may be lost during the repair process, vivo will not be held liable for any loss of Data. vivo will not held for responsible for any possible incorrect details you have filled in.

2.  Please kindly note: Some service items are subject to the actual conditions of the service center. For details, please contact vivo official service center.