WHAT IS vivocare

vivocare is a protection plan that protects your vivo device regardless of its age. You will not only save money, but you will also be assured that only original parts are used and that a quality warranty of three months is provided.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is vivocare?

vivocare is a protection plan that covers your device regardless of its age.


2.  What does vivocare cover?

vivocare Pro+ is a comprehensive plan for Accidental damage, theft, or loss. vivocare lite is a screen protection insurance vivo

1 free screen replacement – Complimentary 90 days & 180 days for selected models only.


3.  Up to how long can I apply for vivocare?

vivo 1 Free Screen replacement must be registered within 14 days from date of purchase. vivocare Pro+ and vivocarelite has no registration time frame.


4.  How do I get vivocare?

Signing up with vivocare is quick and simple! Our friendly chatbot, Nandi, will guide you step by
step through the sign-up process. Locate Nandi at the bottom right corner of our website.


5.  How many times can I claim?

You're entitled to make up to 3 claims every 2 years for your insured portable possessions.


6.  How to Submit a Claim?
You can submit your claim in less than a minute! Chat with Granadilla Bot Nandi at the bottom right corner of our website. To initiate the claims process, send us a selfie video and supporting documents toclaims@granadilla.ai. With this process, you are not required to sign any documents.

7.  What about Overseas or Traveling Claims?
The claim process remains the same even when you're overseas or traveling. We will cover your portable possessions for a maximum of 30 days per trip while you travel anywhere in the world, provided that we have given our prior consent in writing.


8.  What is excess fee?

Ever come across the term "excess"? It's the amount you're responsible for in a claim. The exact amount depends on your Policy Benefit Cover and the number of claim-free months.

For instance, if you face loss or theft within the first 35 months, the excess is 10%.  Accidental damage? No worries, there's no excess, but a minimum claim of R500 applies.





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