Labour Cost

Labour cost fees – Authorised vivo service centers charge for labour cost as skilled technicians spend time and effort carefully checking and fixing issues with customer’s handset. The cost helps cover their expertise, time, and the tools needed to make sure your vivo device gets the best possible care.

Out-of-warranty repair cost = repair spare parts cost + labour fee. 

Labour Charges (For Chargeable Repair)

Service Name

Labour Cost (INR)

Service Description

No Part Used


If handset is opened and repaired without using spare part.

Part Used


If handset is opened and repaired by using spare part.

Service Repair

No Charges

No Labour charges for software update, download, handset cleaning, replacing accessories, etc.

Service Day

No Charges

Service Day

Cancellation of Repair

No Charges

Cancellation of Repair


1. The above-mentioned charges are exclusive of all taxes.

2. Out-of-warranty devices may be charged a labour fee (according to the table above – No Part Used, and Part Use).

3. Even if repairs are cancelled, out-of-warranty devices will be charged a Zero labour fee.

4. Enjoy 2 vivo service days every month and get free labour fee for repairing in person at Authorised vivo service centers.

5. vivo reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions of charging a labour fee without prior notice.