Small widgets
empower every potential.

Keep yourself up-to-date at a glance.
Organize your home screen
with different widgets to be more productive, so you can
have everything
you need most in
one easy-to-access place.

Nano Music Player

Immerse yourself in
the world of music.

Tune in to a hassle-free music experience
with a light tap on the home screen.
Switch between your favorites between Spotify or JOOX with non-stop beats.
Spoil your ears with sounds of joy.

Extended RAM

More freedom to
run smoothly.

The latest Extended RAM technology allocates part of the ROM storage
to the RAM and increases RAM space by up to 4GB for you to enjoy
a seamless app-switching experience.


  • All UI images, phone outlines and phone images on this page are for illustration only. The actual UI and functions may differ and may vary across different phone models. Please contact our customer service department for queries.