vivo Y03



vivo Y03: vibrant design vivo Y03: vibrant design

Gem Green

3D micro sculpting process carves silver ripples, combined with a nanometer-scale coating for a transparent visual effect, creating a gem-like texture.

Space Black

With the dipping process, it creates a style that embodies a naturally exquisite look just like the starry night.

vivo Y03 in color space black vivo Y03 in color gem green vivo Y03 in color space black vivo Y03 in color gem green

Enjoy Uninterrupted Fun in Sunlight!

Experience clear visibility in sunlight with HBM, coupled with a high refresh rate for smooth visuals. Also, you can enjoy genuine eye protection for less fatigue.2

16.66 cm(6.56 -inch)
Sunlight Screen
90 Hz 3
Refresh Rate
840 nits
HBM Brightness 4
vivo Y03 with 6.56 inch sunlight display and 90Hz refresh rate vivo Y03 with 6.56 inch sunlight display and 90Hz refresh rate

Curvy and Elegant
Perfect Grip Guaranteed

The elegant design presents a curvy outline that not only highlight the appearance but also ensures a sleek touch for a comfortable grip.

2.5D Curved Design

Extraordinary Details
Super Easy to Carry and Play

The simple design showcases your taste with minimal effort, featuring an impressive
feather-like weight.

185 g1
8.39 mm

Exquisite Dual Ring Design

It seamlessly blends with the back cover,
and the ultra-narrow bezel offers an
immersive view, and the metal frame
adds luxurious details.

vivo Y03 with 2.5D curved design vivo Y03 with 185g weight vivo Y03 with exquisite dual ring design



Unlock endless possibilities with 1 TB Expandable Storage, offering expansive room for all your digital needs. With the ability to increase your ROM capacity via a microSD card, you'll never have to worry about running out of space again.

vivo Y03 with 128GB ROM

Extended RAM

Effortlessly keep 25+ active background apps with an additional 4 GB of RAM and switch back and forth at will.

RAM Saver5

It releases up to 600 MB of space, avoiding clutter and ensuring faster, smoother experience.

App Retainer6

Instantly resume where you left off, with preserved apps for a seamless experience.

vivo Y03 with 4+4GB extended RAM vivo Y03 with RAM saver vivo Y03 with APP retainer
The previous
generation product

Larger Battery,
Faster Charging!

The 5000 mAh battery stands strong for your daily fun, while the 15W7 Fast Charge provides a safe and quick recharging in a fleeting time.

6.8 Hours
PUBG Gaming
62.53 Hours
Music Piayback
19.33 Days
Video Piayback on You Tube
Charge to 100 %
in 145 Minutes

Effortless Security:
Fingerprint Sensor

Unlock your device in a breeze with
a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.
Simply press the power button and
scan your fingerprint for instant
access. Say goodbye to complicated
unlocking methods and embrace the
convenience of seamless security.

Immerse Yourself with
150% Boosted Volume!

The 150% volume boost with Stereo
Speaker ensures clear audio in noisy environments, ideal for music or phone calls.

Safe and Sound
with Water and Dust

Defy water and dust. While life throws rain and mud your way, your smartphone stays effortlessly good.
IP54 Dust and Water Resistance 8
vivo Y03 with IP54 dust and water resistance vivo Y03 with MediaTek Helio G85

Worry Less about Drops

The tough quality frees you from worry even if the phone accidentally drops from various angles.

Resistant to Daily Scratches

The phone's appearance endures scratches and remains sleek, enabling you to tackle daily challenges with ease. 9

Durable Battery Remains Healthy After 3 Years!

The 5000 mAh 10 battery stands strong with long usage and enduring performance. Even after nearly 40 months, 11 it still maintains over 80% of capacity.
vivo Y03 with tough quality vivo Y03 resistant to daily scratches vivo Y03 with durable battery vivo Y03 with 150% boosted volume


Capture crystal-clear images from every angle, the vivid and radiant
moments are all in your frame.

HD Portrait Camera

HD Main Camera

vivo Y03 with 13MP HD main camera vivo Y03 with 5MP HD portrait camera

Shoot and Choose
Your Favourite Style

Easily switch between stylish looks with Stylish Portrait, ensuring your creations effortlessly stand out!

portrait by vivo Y03 with filter None portrait by vivo Y03 with filter Vintage portrait by vivo Y03 with filter Natural portrait by vivo Y03 with filter Fashion portrait by vivo Y03 with filter Northern lands portrait by vivo Y03 with filter Japanese style

Night Shots?
Super Night Shots!

Enhanced by Super Night Algorithm, Super Night Mode reveals clear and bright nighttime memories with less blurriness and noise.

night shots by vivo Y03 with super night mode

Switch Night to Your Preferred Vibe

Choose from 9 cool styles with Stylish Night Filters to make every night stun-ning and get more likes on social media.

night shots by vivo Y03 with night filter None night shots by vivo Y03 with night filter Black & gold night shots by vivo Y03 with night filter Cyberpunk night shots by vivo Y03 with night filter Blue ice night shots by vivo Y03 with night filter Green orange



Learn More

Hidden Photos

Protect your photos and videos that only you can access without worry about sensitive data leakage.

Split-Screen Mode

Split the screen in two for multitasking, so you can get the best of both worlds.

vivo Y03 with hidden photos function vivo Y03 with APP clone function vivo Y03 with split-screen mode function vivo Y03 with easy touch function vivo Y03 with game picture-in-picture function

1. The size and weight of the phone may vary slightly depending on the process, material supplier, measurement method, etc.

2 The product has passed TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification under conditions with Eye Protection enabled at the setting of highest intensity.

3. Only specific apps support 90 Hz. In different apps or game interfaces, the screen refresh rate and touch sampling rate may be slightly different.

4. High brightness mode is automatically enabled when the ambient light intensity exceeds 10,000 lux. HBM increases the screen brightness to 840 nits. This feature provides users with a better experience in environments with intense light. When the ambient light falls below 10,000 lux or the phone temperature rises, HBM is automatically disabled to prevent excessive power consumption.

5. When a large number of apps are running in the background, it can save up to 600 MB of memory space. The actual amount of space that can be saved is dynamically adjusted as the scene changes, and subject to actual use.

6. The APP Retainer only works when the apps are in the background and have not been manually exited. It currently only applies to over 100 apps on the vivo trustlist.

7. This product is rated as IP54 for splash, water, and dust resistance under IEC standard 60529 and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions. The resistance to splashes, water and dust is not permanent and may be reduced due to daily use. Do not charge the mobile phone when it is wet. Refer to Safety information in Settings for cleaning and drying instructions. Damage due to liquid ingress is not covered by the warranty.

8. The scratches from the key on the phone case shown in the image are for illustrative purposes only. The product's durability against daily scratches has been tested under controlled laboratory conditions. All electronic products are at risk of damage; use them in a normal manner, avoiding excessive force or misuse.

9. The typical battery capacity is 5000 mAh, and the rated battery capacity is 4880 mAh.

10. All data is based on vivo laboratory test results, not as a quality guarantee in daily use. Actual performance may vary.

11. All data is based on our technical design parameters, laboratory test results and supplier test data. Actual performance may vary depending on software version, specific test environment and phone model. All comparisons shown on this page refer to vivo products only.

12. As some specifications, parameters, or parts of the product may vary due to supplier change or different production batches, vivo may update the descriptions on this page accordingly without giving any prior notice. Please read this page carefully before use.

13. *Peak brightness achieved in high brightness mode (HBM) is 840 nits, which is highest in under 10k price segment as of launch time of Y18