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System Update
System Update Tutorial

Tutorial for Firmware Installation

Warmly Tips: This process will clear data on your phone, like contacts, messages. Please back up your important data before doing it. Moreover, make sure the battery capacity is sufficient(over 30%).


1. Perform Wipe data on your phone

For the Fullview Display phones:

a. Power off your phone, then press and hold Power button and Volume up button simultaneously until Vivo logo appears to enter Fastboot mode. Select Recovery mode by pressing Volume down button and enter it by pressing Power button;

b. Touch Wipe data>Wipe data>enter the lock screen password. Then select Reboot system to reboot your phone.




For the phones with the 16:9 display screen:

a. Power off your phone, then press and hold Power button and Volume up button simultaneously until Vivo logo appears to enter Recovery mode;

b. Touch Wipe data>Wipe data>Wipe data. Then select Reboot system to reboot your phone(For Funtouch OS 2.0 and lower version, select Recovery mode by pressing Volume down button, enter it by pressing Power button. Then select wipe data/factory reset>wipe data>wipe data, and then select reboot system now to reboot your phone).




2. Download the firmware for your phone


3. Move it to the root directory of your phone storage or SD card without decompressing

Note: The root directory is basically the first thing you see when you open a file explorer on your phone. In other words, do not put the file in a folder.

For Vivo phones, the files which you can find in All files or Phone storage interface of File Manager locate the root directory.



4. Click the firmware to install it

If you can enter your phone, click the firmware in File Manager to install it.



If you cannot enter your phone, follow the above steps to enter Recovery mode, then select Install update>Phone Storage or SD card>select the firmware>touch Next to install it(For Funtouch OS 2.0 and lower version, select “apply update from internal sdcard” (Phone storage) or “apply update from external sdcard”(SD card), then select the firmware to install).




MTP Driver

Drivers for Vivo users to manage smartphone's files on computers.

Terms and Conditions

Product Warranty Period

Product Warranty Period
Handset 12 months
Embedded battery 12 months
Charger 12 months
Headset 6 months
USB cable 12 months

1. Vivo Holdings Limited (hereinafter Vivo) provides 12 months warranty period from the date of purchase for handset and charger. For any handset or charger was used under normal conditions, customer will be entitled to the repair service.

2. The original invoice for the handset must be presented when making any claim under the warranty. The handset must be purchased from authorized dealers. The original invoice should clearly indicated the name of the dealer, date of purchase, invoice number, product model, serial number, retail price and company seal. If it is a hand written invoice, it shall attach with the model number or serial number label.

3. If customer cannot present a valid original invoice or warranty card, the warranty period shall be calculated from the date of production of the handset.

4. Warranty is valid only for authorized product; parallel import, counterfeit and refurbished products are invalid.

5. The warranty is only applicable for the defects arising from production or electronic parts malfunction. Natural wear of the handset including casing, display, antenna and accessories are not included.

6. The warranty shall be automatically cancelled under the following conditions, Vivo reserves the right to refuse providing repair service or charge for repair service. i. The warranty shall be automatically cancelled if the handset has been modified, tampered with, altered in anyway by any third parties or the warranty label affixed to the handset has been damaged or removed. ii. The damage is caused by negligence and misuse of the handset, or directly or indirectly fire, liquid, corrosion, earthquake, war, riot or natural disaster. iii. The terms of the warranty card has been changed without prior written consent.

7. If the handset does not work normally after two authorized repair services within the warranty, or the company fails to complete the repair service within 60 days due to the discontinued parts or is otherwise unavailable, vivo may replace the handset by the same model. The warranty of the replaced mobile shall has the same warranty from the date of purchase of the original handset.

8. The warranty shall only be applicable for the handset purchased in Hong Kong, unless otherwise stipulated. The warranty shall not apply to other regions or countries. The guaranteed service rule (i.e. repairing guarantee, replacing guarantee, and returning guarantee) provided in China is not applicable for authorized products purchased in Hong Kong.

9. All data stored in handset may be lost or deleted after the repair. Such data including but not limited to contacts, SMS, MMS, photos, downloaded ringtones, calendar and reminder. It is strongly advised to create and keep a separate backup copy and disable any security passwords before repair. Customer acknowledges and agrees that data may be lost or altered from the handset during repair to which customer does not have any objection. Vivo shall not be responsible or liable for any data stored in the handset that is lost, altered, deleted or inaccessible after repair.

10. Vivo reserves the right in providing repair service on any refurbished parts and charge or corresponding parts according to the prior quotation with the customer. The replaced parts shall not be returned.

11. Vivo is not responsible for the custody of all accessories, including but not limited to screen protective film, battery, SIM card and SD card.

12. Service center shall not be responsible for any delay caused by the failure of contact with the customers. It is advised to provide a valid contact number or email address. If the customer does not receive any pick up notification after a week, please contact the service center for enquiry.

13. Customer shall collect their products within three months from the pickup notification issued by the service center. The service center shall not be responsible for any damage or lost to such products. If the product is not collected within six months, Vivo reserves the right to dispose the product at its own discretion without any prior notice and compensation.

14. The service order receipt shall be kept as proof for collection of products. Vivo shall not be responsible in case of product being taken by others. The service center reserves the right to refuse to return the products if no original service order receipt is provided.

15. Vivo reserves the right to make the final interpretation and jurisdiction to above terms and conditions of warranty.