695 5G Processor

Display with
1300 nits Peak

Anti-Shake Camera

44W FlashCharge

Extended RAM 3.0
Extended RAM )

Super Chip
Super Smoothness

Snapdragon® 695 5G Processor brings you excellent experience in performance. Just enjoy wonderful moments without stop.

  • 8-Core

    CPU Architecture

  • 6 nm

    Advanced Process

  • 410,000+

    AnTuTu Score1

Turbo AMOLED Display

You are impressed with the smoothness and ultra-clear images.
Just enjoy the immersive audio-visual feast.

  • 1,300 Nits

    Brightness Peak Brightness2

  • 6000000 : 1

    Contrast Ratio

  • 360 Hz

    Touch Sampling Rate

  • 90 Hz

    High Refresh Rate

Fast Charging Free of Worrying

The replenishment of power in a flash saves you from low-battery anxiety.

  • 50% in 25 minutes3

  • 44W FlashCharge4

  • 4500 mAh

Extended RAM 3.0

A maximum of 8 GB extended RAM5 enables you to run 27 apps6 at the same time and switch between them smoothly. T2 5G supports an expansion of up to 1 TB7, making you feel at ease on storage.

Anti-Shake Camera

The application of OIS and EIS can minimize or completely negate the "shake" in images.8 It also provides a variety of portrait styles, making you the protagonist shining with bright light even in the night.9

  • Bokeh Flare Portrait

    You will stand out in the busy backgrounds. You can also choose a variety of creative spot effects, including default, love, light, butterfly, and falling cherry blossom.

  • Super Night Mode

    Bid farewell to blur and noise, and easily record your great moments in the dark.

Ultra Slim Body
Ultra Simple Beauty

Just 7.8 mm thick with a straight frame, bringing you nice feeling in touching and holding.

Trendy Colors
Fusion of Technology and Humanity

Nitro Blaze

It's inspired by the nitro booster effect that encourages one to thrive. The dazzling striped design makes it a true delight at every glance.

Velocity Wave

The diagonal stripes, which are reminiscent of racetracks, express an incredible velocity that appears to go on forever.


  • AnTuTu test data comes from vivo labs, and the test device is the 8 GB + 128 GB edition of T2 5G. The data is for reference only. Test results of different memory editions and in different test environments may be different.
  • 1300 nits refer to local peak brightness.
  • Data is based on vivo laboratory environmental tests. Test condition: Discharge the mobile phone to 1%, recharge it with the official charger and data cable, and then turn off the screen until the full charge. Test environment: ambient and phone temperature of 25℃±1℃.
  • T2 5G is equipped with vivo standard charger (FlashCharge adapter 11V/4A), and supports up to 44W FlashCharge. The actual charging power is dynamically adjusted as the scene changes, and subject to actual use.
  • The 8 GB extended RAM is realized by software and is only available for the 8 GB RAM edition.
  • The number of active apps varies as different apps use different amounts of RAM. The more RAM the apps use, the smaller the number of active apps, and vice versa. As tested in vivo laboratory, the maximum number of active apps is 27 (on the 8 GB RAM edition only).
  • Supports memory expansion of up to 1 TB. Micro SD card needs to be purchased separately.
  • When the phone takes videos at 60 fps, only OIS is enabled. When the phone takes videos at 30 fps, only EIS is enabled. In this case, recording is supported, but previewing is not supported.
  • According to data from vivo laboratory, the amount of incoming light with OIS is six times that without OIS. This means photos taken in night scenes are clearer.
  • The product pictures and features shown are for reference only. The images shown on the display screen are simulated, and for demonstration purposes only. Please take actual products as standard.
  • All data is based on our technical design parameters, laboratory test results and supplier test data. Actual performance may vary depending on software version, specific test environment and phone model. All comparisons shown on this page refer to vivo products only.
  • As some specifications, parameters, or parts of the product may vary due to supplier change or different production batches, vivo may update the descriptions on this page accordingly without giving any prior notice. Please read this page carefully before use.
  • The pixel value may vary under different camera modes, and is subject to actual usage.