120Hz AMOLED Curved Display

Segment’s Slimmest 3D Curved Display1

Immerse yourself with a top-level visual experience, With Flagship-level 120 Hz 3D glass material,
A solid eye-care all-rounder for each of you.

  • 6.78 inches2

    Screen Size

  • 120Hz

    Refresh Rate

  • 8000000:1

    Contrast Ratio

  • 1300nits

    Peak Brightness

  • 105%

    NTSC Color Gamut

  • 100% P3

    Color Gamut

Silk Green3

Crafted with 50+ intricate arts, it weaves 500 light patterns like gentle breezes, bringing serenity. Made of 3D frosted glass, its surface is like polished jade or silky Sari, smooth & fingerprint-resistant.

Silk Black3

Starlight hues transform black into a canvas of radiance, which reminds us of the mysterious Kurta. Its sand-textured back cover, fortified with nano-coating, easily resists wear and stains.

Elegant and Light

Ultra- thin as a feather, the thickness is 0.749 cm4, Optimized design, our phone is a gem.
Battery is large, supporting you day & night, Weighs just 172g4, easy for you to hold tight.

  • 2.3 mm

    Narrow Frame

  • 172g

    Body Weight


All-New Comprehensive Cushioning Structure5

Exceptional Quality, Durability Enhanced

Internal metal and soft foam are to strengthen the body. The pressure-resistant glass makes screen shatter-resistant.

  • 50°C

    endurance test

  • -20°C

    Quick freeze test

  • 32,000 times

    Test of drops from a small height

Flagship-Level Imaging

64 MP OIS Anti-Shake Camera6

Capture Portraits and Night Scenes, Producing High-Quality Images Right from the Start

Our top-tier OIS ensures flawless shots. Elevate your photography game – where imagination meets perfection!

2X Portrait Focal Length

Capture Professional Portraits, as Beautiful as It Looks

Take a photo and enjoy a stunning, high-resolution result with 2x ROI Remosaic feature, delivering exceptional clarity and detail.


Wedding Style Portrait

Freeze Your Highlight Moments

Wedding Style Portrait makes it easy to capture brilliant Indian bridal pictures with the exclusive color palette from top Indian photographers.

Front Beauty Camera

Enhanced Beauty, Stunning Look

Take amazing pics with our five-star beauty mode! Don't worry about looking good on video chat—our video beauty mode makes you look stunning every time, anywhere you go!

Super Moon

You Deserve a Masterpiece of Moon!

Capture the moon's beauty with the Y200 Pro 5G! With its Super Moon mode and flagship-level functionality, from 5x to 10x zoom to capture the moon's natural splendor!

Super Night Mode

Unveil the Mystery of the Night

Capture stunningly bright, vivid, and clear portraits in dim or dark environments with our Super Night Mode!

Dual-View Video

Creative Videos at Your Fingertips, You Are the Director of Your Life

Dual-View Video allows you to vlog using both front and rear cameras simultaneously. Food, traveling, or anything unique, you can simply utilize this feature to record a vlog and amuse your audience with its fun and creative outcome.


Vlog Movie Creator

Enjoy the Power of NOW in a Vlog

With Vlog Movie Creator, making short videos becomes so simple. Various video templates and editing tools enable you to shoot and share the beauty of the moment super easily!


Smooth Running,
Smooth Experience

Qualcomm Snapdragon® 5G Mobile Platform

Powerful Core, Long-Lasting Reliability

With an octa-core design, Qualcomm Snapdragon® powers you up with higher app speeds, higher and more stable game frame rates, and better network connections.


Memory Booster & 8GB Extended RAM7

More Space for More

Equipped with 8GB RAM & 8 GB extended RAM, Effortlessly multitask with a simple tap, Enjoying seamless app retention background launching, and instant switching.

  • 8GB

    Extended RAM

  • 600 MB

    RAM Space Saved

  • 25+

    Background Apps

5000 mAh Large Battery8

Large-Capacity, High-Density Battery Juices
Up Fast and Lasts like a Champ

With 1600 charging cycles, the battery health remains over 80%, providing up to 4 years of durable companionship9. A 5000 mAh large battery is packed into its sleek body to relieve you from charging anxiety all day. Just enjoy your favorite dramas and games without limits with this 44W FlashCharge!


IP54 Dust and Water Resistance10

The design of the body, receiver, Type-C port, internal components, and SIM card tray is optimized, enabling the phone to be rated as IP54 for dust and water resistance.

Smooth, Everytime

Small Window

It supports background multitasking (with up to 12 small windows), and allows for side-swipe suspension.

Always On Display (AOD) Styles

A new set of "planet" wallpapers has been added for more AOD styles.

Lock Screen

Clock styles can be customized in Settings. 3 clock styles, 8 font styles, and smart color adjustments are supported.



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24/7 customer assistance available for convenient support.

Service Day Offer

Every 2nd Saturday & Sunday we offer 10% off on vivo accessories, zero labour charges, free handset cleaning, free back case*, screen guard*, and free software upgrade. (T&C *free back cover and screen guard are subjected to availability)


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  • Slimmest 3D Curved Display with slimness of 7.49cm in mobile phones priced between INR 20-25K at the time of launch of Y200 Pro 5G.
  • The screen size is measured as the length of the diagonal of the screen's right angle in accordance with standard rectangular measurement, with the actual visible area being slightly smaller. Screen sizes may vary slightly due to differences in production batches and manufacturing processes. Please refer to the actual product for accuracy.
  • Silk Green adopts fluorite AG glass, while Silk Black features a matte panel material.
  • The Silk Black variant has a body thickness of 7.49 mm and a weight of 172g, while the Silk Green has a body thickness of 7.57 mm and a weight of 183g.
  • To achieve superior body strength, a metal structure and flexible cushioning foam are employed internally, along with coordinated placement of the battery in the overall assembly. However, the phone still faces the risk of damage from falls and collisions as a precision device. Please avoid dropping or bumping your phone during daily use.
  • Only the rear main camera supports a maximum of 64 million pixels for photography. Pixel counts and imaging effects may vary between different shooting modes, so please refer to actual usage scenarios for accuracy.
  • The Memory Booster technology enables the scheduling of partial ROM space for RAM usage. 8 GB extended RAM is supported for the 8 GB + 128 GB edition through memory fusion technology. The actual usage effects shall prevail.
  • This product adopts a single-cell design. Typical capacity: 5000 mAh (3.91V), typical energy: 19.55 Wh; rated capacity: 4900 mAh (3.91V), rated energy: 19.16 Wh.
  • According to tests conducted at vivo labs, the battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 1600 complete charge cycles, which is approximately equivalent to about 4 years of use based on a simulation of a user's daily behavior (fully charging and discharging the battery once a day). The above-mentioned data was obtained from vivo labs, where the battery was fully charged and discharged with the ambient and phone temperatures kept at 23°C±2°C. The actual performance may vary with different test devices, test environments, personal usage habits, and other factors.
  • This product is rated as IP54 for splash, water, and dust resistance under IEC standard 60529 and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions. The resistance to splashes, water and dust is not permanent and may be reduced due to daily use. Do not charge the mobile phone when it is wet. Refer to Safety information in Settings for cleaning and drying instructions. Damage due to liquid ingress is not covered by the warranty.
  • All data is based on our technical design parameters, laboratory test results and supplier test data. Actual performance may vary depending on software version, specific test environment and phone model. All comparisons shown on this page refer to vivo products only.
  • As some specifications, parameters, or parts of the product may vary due to supplier change or different production batches, vivo may update the descriptions on this page accordingly without giving any prior notice. Please read this page carefully before use.