vivo's Funtouch OS 13 Now Available in Pakistan — Showcasing Advancements for A Smarter Lifestyle

March 30, 2023

Today's world is constantly evolving. As time goes on, technology becomes an even bigger part of our lives, it becomes incremental to ensure it is perfect to keep up with one's day-to-day activities. This is where vivo, a leading global smartphone brand, comes in to redefine the product attributes that make a smartphone perfect and easier to use.

vivo is famed for the efficient and holistic smartphone experience it provides to its users, through recreating and improving the smartphone experience across different price points and parameters. Whether it is the design, camera, performance or storage, vivo has excelled in each category — serving as the perfect smartphone choice for all. vivo's new Funtouch OS 13 is no different. Based on the new Android 13, Funtouch OS adds its own twist in the mix.

Funtouch OS 13 operating system combines vivo's design-driven value with new and improved personalization options, upgraded privacy and security features, and new control features for a smoother, uninterrupted experience so users can express their creativity and uniqueness through their devices.

Add a touch of personalization to your screen

The Funtouch OS 13 allows users more visual control of their home screen. With the monochrome icon feature, users can now change the color of their home screen icons to match their wallpaper, system, and app interfaces — truly unlocking their creativity and self-expression.

On top of that, the new system allows users to customize colors on their system's UI and built-in apps, including their notification panels, volume control, calculator, and clock. It can utilize the color from the users' preferred wallpaper and theme to determine the appropriate color tint and apply it to the app interface to transform the device with a more personal look and feel.

Further protection and security

The new app pinning feature in Funtouch OS 13 helps to keep users' sensitive data secure — providing them greater peace of mind regarding their security and privacy. When another person uses the device, the two-level pinning function keeps the chosen app in view and prevents access to other apps on the device.

In addition, the update also simplifies the process to hide photos and videos and selectively choose various applications' access to specific photos for the users, thereby preventing unwanted viewing on their devices and further enhancing privacy protection.


Enhanced controls and easy-to-use features — providing greater convenience

To create a more streamlined experience for vivo users, the Funtouch OS 13 also features improved application management through iManager, which can specifically help users to monitor app usage time. If the CPU usage is too high, users can shut that application down with one tap. iManager can also prevent overheating by reducing the number of active applications and adjusting CPU frequency based on the phone's cooling feature.

With healthier lifestyles now being adopted by an increasing number of users, the dashboard also features an AQI card for health-conscious users who wish to instantly check the latest information concerning air quality with a detailed PM2.5 index available.

On the other side, further additions to the already well-established premium photo experience mean now, new photo and video upgrades are to be expected. The professional viewfinder makes photography easier with a new stabilization ring that helps mitigate the effects of shaky hands — making it even easier to capture the highest of quality photos and minimize disturbance. For video editing, it is also now possible to mute any unnecessary sounds in the video, and thus create precise volume adjustments — facilitating the conception of professional-level videos.

Furthermore, user accessibility has been tweaked by enhancing color correcting and inversion, as well as the option to remove animations for users with specific needs, such as visual impairments.

Looking forward, constant tweaks and market research have meant that adjustments made in real time can reflect a positive user experience on the new OS. Funtouch OS 13 is highly capable and holds the promise of a new look and performance with an enhanced need-based experience.

The Funtouch OS 13 is now available in Pakistan, starting with vivo X80. vivo will gradually bring Funtouch OS 13 to more users around the world with the most innovative experiences yet seen.