every time.


More color,
more you.

Lock screen clock styles

Your personality, leaping off the screen

Customize your lock screen clock style from three clock layouts, eight font styles, and a smart color selection.1

Color and style

Classics never go out of

Let the colors fade to gray. Apply a monochromatic color palette to the system to match your favorite wallpapers.2


Turn your stories into
masterpieces easily.

Video editing

Lots of filters for
pro videos

Choose from 25 new filters to create one-of-a-kind videos.

Export videos with no
quality loss

Customize your video quality and export up to 4K videos at 60 fps. Turn on the switch for saving edited videos in their original quality.


Do more
on one screen.

Mini window

A smaller but smarter window

Slide a Mini window to either side of your phone to hang it up, or drag it to the bottom to remove it. Single tap to make it bigger, and double tap to fill the screen. *

  • Chat while binge-watching
  • Browse during ride-hailing
  • Reply while gaming

Triple down on things that matter

Boost your efficiency with split-screen and small windows for multitasking.


Go beyond fast with
Smooth Envision.

Memory Booster

Smooth running simultaneously of multiple apps is guaranteed, thanks to the underlying performance enhancements.

  • Extended RAM 3.0

  • RAM Saver

  • App Retainer

Extended RAM 3.0

Make room
for super-smooth

  • 36 Apps

    can be kept active

Allow up to 36 apps to simultaneously run in the background and switch seamlessly between them.6

RAM Saver

Clean up to speed up

  • +600 MB

Fine-grained RAM management frees up to 600 MB of space allowing for fast startup of multiple apps and smoother system operation.7

App Retainer

Right back to where
you were

Wake up apps in the background at any time and restore to the last interface you saw. Seamless and free of interruption.8

Motion Blur

Every move is fluid

  • 18.7 %

    increase in smoothness

Motion Blur compensates for inconsistencies in animation, improving smoothness between app switching by 18.7% at 60 Hz for a silky-smooth visual experience.9



Your privacy,
always in your hand.

Hidden album

Hidden photos,
proven privacy

Show only the photos you want in your albums.
And add a password for accessing the hidden photos for better privacy security.

Screen mirroring privacy

Share with ease

Once enabled, you can share your screen freely by filtering out unwanted notifications such as messages or alarms.


The information on this page (including, but not limited to system UI, background photos, product features, phone outlines and images) is for reference only. Features may vary depending on different phone model.

  • Models that support Kinetic Wallpaper are subject to changes.
  • Monochrome Theme applies only to compatible apps and icons.
  • Apps adapted to Mini window are subject to changes.
  • How to open a small window through floating message icons: Settings—Ultra Game Mode—Game picture-in-picture—Display floating message icons.
  • Apps adapted to the enabling of both split-screen and small windows are subject to changes.
  • Data of Extended RAM 3.0 is obtained from vivo's labs and dynamically changes depending on the differences in RAM of different models and usage scenarios. Actual performance may vary.
    (The 12 GB and 8 GB of RAM support up to 36 and 27 apps running simultaneously in the background, respectively.)
  • Data of RAM Saver is obtained from vivo's labs.
  • App Retainer only works when the apps are in the background and have not been manually exited. It currently only applies to 100+ apps on the whitelist.
  • Data of Motion Blur is obtained from vivo's labs and varies by platform and model. Actual performance shall prevail.