Top Tech Enthusiasts Completely Smitten by vivo V25 Series

December 31, 2022

vivo has recently launched the latest V25 Series in Pakistan which carries an exquisite camera and modern design technology. Both vivo V25 5G and vivo V25e boast impressive performance coupled with an impressive camera system and an elegant yet trendy design — elevating the phone in all areas. Several top tech enthusiasts in Pakistan have used the latest V25 Series' smartphones and shared their verdict.

Ali Abbas, top tech YouTuber in Pakistan, who runs the YouTube channel MasTech, gave a detailed review of the vivo V25 Series smartphones in his video. He was extremely impressed with the devices and praised the design, camera features and superb quality of both smartphones.


"The design speaks for itself," said Ali. "Both devices have a Gorgeous Color-Changing Glass on the back along with a Fluorite AG Glass that elevates the design to the top level." He was particularly impressed with devices' lightweight design which makes them easy to hold and use for extended periods of time.

In his video, Ali also demonstrated the V25 Series smartphones' color-changing ability by showing how the back panel of the phone changes its color when exposed to sunlight. "This feature adds a unique and stylish touch to the phone's overall design." he added.


Technology enthusiast, ReviewsPK was also impressed with the new vivo V25 Series in his video. He emphasized that vivo has a reputation for creating smartphones with sleek designs and exceptional camera quality, and the latest V25 Series' smartphones continue to uphold that standard. 

He also shared his experience with the amazing camera capabilities of vivo V25 Series. The reviewer stated that both vivo V25 5G and vivo V25e have amazing cameras with a 64MP OIS Ultra Sensing rear camera that provides a top-notch imaging experience.


He further demonstrated the camera quality by showing sample photographs taken on the devices. Additionally, he praised the 44W FlashCharge capability and 4500mAh battery as it allows for the phone to be charged for a full day quickly.


Moreover, Talha Reviews, in an in-depth video, spoke enthusiastically about vivo V25e. He was impressed with the device's beautiful design and Sunrise Gold color, stating: "vivo has done an excellent job with the design. The Sunrise Gold color is absolutely stunning, and the flat frame design gives it a sleek and modern look." 

He also praised the device's performance, noting that it is powered by a MediaTek Helio G99 processor and saying: "The device has an impressive performance that truly stands out when compared to its competition. It is truly a value-for-money device."


In a short unboxing video, Hamza Bhatti on his channel Undabbafy, praised the high-quality features of the vivo V25 5G. He specifically mentioned the phone's design, saying "The super sleek Aquamarine Blue variant and glass finish feel of the phone are some of my favorite features." 

He also highlighted a specific feature of the V25 5G — Extended RAM 3.0 which offers an additional 8GB of RAM to users. This feature allows users to easily switch between various apps in the background and get a seamless gaming experience. Hamza further added how Extended RAM 3.0 makes the V25 5G a powerful device and gives it an edge over its competition.


Leading technology publication, ProPakistani, conducted an unboxing of the V25e smartphone. During the unboxing, they praised the smartphone's 32MP FF front camera, gorgeous design in beautiful colors variants with a matte finish. 

The front camera's night mode feature was particularly praised by stating that it serves as a benchmark for good images and selfies taken at night. vivo V25e is equipped with the Bokeh Flare Portrait feature which utilizes the dual camera system and artificial intelligence to enhance the night photography experience by processing point light sources in the background.


Moina Shah from leading technology and telecom publication PhoneWorld conducted a detailed review of the vivo V25 5G. She praised the design and build quality of the device stating that V25 5G features a unique and exquisite color-changing design on the back. 

She further added that vivo always takes its design a step further and offers something new to its users.

Moina also highlighted the 50MP AF HD Portrait front camera, 6.44-inch AMOLED display and the device's light weight design as some of the features that make it stand out.


Several other leading content creators in Pakistan have given positive reviews of the vivo V25 Series smartphones. Instagram content creators such as Tashfeen Arshad, Fariha Amjad and Dua Amjad have praised the devices' camera capabilities and other features in short-form videos — stating that V25 5G and V25e are the perfect phones for the current day and age.

Additionally, the leading lifestyle publication DailyPakistan published a video during the launch of V25 Series in which they unboxed vivo V25e and highly praised it for its gorgeous design, innovative color-changing technology, and impressive performance.


After all these tech enthusiasts' reviews, it is safe to say that vivo V25 Series, offering gorgeous design, stunning camera capabilities and powerful performance, has won their hearts.


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