Schedule and Rules

1. Submission timeline and requirement:

1.1. From June 15, 2022 to October 24, 2022 (until 23:59, UTC+8), you can upload your video works to social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), include the following hashtags: #vivoVisualCreator #OurStoryRedefined, and tag (@) an official vivo account (local or global vivo account).

(Participants are encouraged to use English or the official language of their residing country/region to interact with vivo on our local website and social accounts.)

1.2.Send your original video file together with the following information via email to regional submission email before Oct. 24th, 2022

  • Participant’s real name
  • Social media accounts/email addresses/contact numbers
  • Country/ region where you are from
  • the background or story of the creation of the short film, and any other remarks or related content

The email addresses of the specific regions are summarized as follows:

  • Malaysia:
  • Taiwan, China:
  • Vietnam:
  • Thailand:
  • Singapore:
  • Pakistan:
  • Bangladesh:

*For the Awards winners, the project team will obtain the scanned copy of personal passport, bank account, mailing address and other information through the email address where you submit your works to achieve prize delivery and remittance. If the winner cannot be contacted, or the winner is unwilling to provide the above-mentioned complete information in a timely manner (within 5 working days after the official email communication), the winner will be deemed to have voluntarily given up the award.

* vivo will keep the above personal information strictly confidential, and the above information will only be used to contact the winners after the works are awarded or when authorization is required for use and exposure. The relevant information is only used for this competition and will not be used for other purposes.

Please read the Data Protection section of the Terms and Conditions carefully. When you voluntarily provide us with your personal data, you are deemed to have agreed to our processing of your personal data in accordance with the relevant terms. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions, please do not participate in the contest or provide us with your personal data.

1.3 Work submission requirements

  • The film needs to be shot by a mobile phone (external and auxiliary equipment can be used). The frame of video is not limited, and the submission will not be accepted if it is shot by professional photography devices;
  • We encourage creators to use vivo smartphones to create films. We welcome films with great humanistic care, universal emotions and realistic social observation, unified under a high-level filming aesthetics;
  • The film must be completed after January 1st.2022
  • Video specification requirements:
  • Must be clear and of high quality
  • In MP4 format
  • Filmed in full HD or full HD + quality
  • Works should be no more than 10 minutes in length
  • The Awards are open to narrative, documentary and experimental films. Commercial advertisements, music videos, showreels and trailers are not accepted.
  • If any version of the video submission (including its re-edited version) has been submitted to the previous vivo Visual Creator campaign, or has been awarded in other video competitions or published in public publications, the video is not eligible for this competition.

2. Preliminary Selection (ongoing with the competition): The regional committees are responsible for this stage. After the deadline for submission of the competition, all the works submitted through social media and emails will be preliminarily examined and then summarized into the shortlisted works category. The purpose of this stage is to narrow the selection scope and filter out the works that do not meet the regulations.

3. Shortlisting (ongoing with the competition): After the examination of Preliminary selection, the regional committees will review and shortlist the selected works without limiting the number of works, and the review standards will be improved in all dimensions (including but not limited to overall aesthetics, c creativity of perspective, theme and meaning, and theme relevance, etc.). The purpose of this stage is to shortlist outstanding works for the jury.

4. Jury Scoring (Oct. 25th -Nov. 5th): After the submission and shortlisting, the regional committees will collect the outstanding shortlisted works and submit them to the jury of the competition (each region is required to produce 2-3 regional excellent shortlisted works). And each professional judge of the jury will score every outstanding shortlisted work individually, with a score of 1-10 (this effectively avoids occurrences of ties) and give comments and awarding suggestions. The judges are not allowed to share information about their given scores and opinions with one other. This is to ensure fairness and the rigor of the Awards, as well as to effectively ensure that the scores and opinions of each judge are captured.

5. Tabulation (Nov. 6th-Nov. 10th): The organizing committee will tabulate the scores for each submission, and rank them to obtain the final results.

6. Awards Announcement (Nov. 11th): Once the selection results have been tabulated, the opinions of the judges and the organizing committee have been considered, and selected works are confirmed to be aligned with the principles of the Awards, the final results will be announced.

7. Winning Entries Publication (Nov. 11th-Nov. 21st): The winning works selected by the expert judges will be publicized on the official website of regional markets (, during which time any organization or individual has the right to object to works that involves plagiarism, misappropriation or other acts of infringements, and to submit their objections to the sponsor by email during the publication period (email: Submission email addresses of corresponding regional market,; the subject of the email must be clear: "Report of Award-Winning Works", and the email should include information of the work in question, and indicate the source of the original work, valid website or publication). If the report proves to be true and justifiable, and the works are proved to involve plagiarism, misappropriation or other acts of infringements, then they will be disqualified from the Awards, and the corresponding participant shall bear relevant liabilities.

8. Contact and communication with winners (Nov. 14th-Nov. 18th, a total of 5 days): The organizing committee will get in touch with the announced winners through our submission email. If the winner cannot be contacted, or the winner is unwilling to provide complete information on the awarding requirements of the competition in a timely manner (within 5 working days after the official email communication), the winner shall be deemed to have voluntarily given up the award.