vivo And ZEISS — A Partnership to Redefine and Shape the Future of Mobile Imaging

27th June, 2022

As an established brand, vivo  has always focused on offering the most exceptional experience to its users in Pakistan. It has made a name for itself on a global level too and managed to amass a good reputation for its camera quality and smartphone offerings. Whereas, ZEISS has always believed in offering solutions that can shape technological progress and within the last 175 years of its operations, it has managed to do that through its lenses of the most superior quality. Both vivo and ZEISS are brands that are respected for their remarkable innovations, inspiring developments, and their goals to offer the best user experiences.

As a team, both brands have provided multiple high-quality developments in mobile phone camera technology and brought forth a variety of additional settings and options that the customers can make full use of. The vivo and ZEISS global imaging partnership was established with the long-term and strategic intention to provide consumers with best-in-class mobile imaging experience. ZEISS provides a professional testing process for vivo smartphone cameras which includes the review of optical design, testing of mobile phone camera hardware, comprising over 30 components, and an examination of the actual photography performance.  

The X60 Pro proved the success of this partnership when it brought remarkable results through the union of vivo's user-oriented innovation and the detailed expertise in mobile phone cameras of ZEISS. The vivo ZEISS co-engineered Imaging System has also strengthened the camera quality by making images and videos appear much sharper, brighter and clearer.

The success and reviews that the X60 Pro got in Pakistan and other countries gave way to X70 Pro with excellent and striking camera features that have made photography easier and more interesting for users. vivo is a brand that continuously studies the preferences, challenges, needs, etc. of its Pakistani customers and tirelessly works towards creating products that will give consumers the best user experience possible. X70 Pro was developed with the same aim. Its cameras received the ZEISS T* certificate standard which means that the coating elevates the transmission rate of visible light and correctly restores the subject's colours.  The same goes for X80 as well. vivo X80 is empowered by ZEISS Optics with all lenses meeting ZEISS T* Coating standards which can reduce light reflection and in turn reduce stray light, so you can capture the world clearly, vividly and in true colors.

Moreover, X80 has the V1+ Chip which is designed to bring imaging, display, and game graphics on smartphones to new heights. It enhances night video denoising and brightening to deliver outstanding videos despite unfavorable light conditions. 

This partnership has brought tremendous results and going forward, the aim of both the brands is only to keep achieving greater heights together.