Warm Reminder of Epidemic

October 28, 2021

The current COVID-19 outbreak is a global crisis and an opportunity for leading companies to support their customers and communities. Leading in a caring, empathetic manner during these difficult times has the potential to create real connections that will outlive the social and economic impacts of the pandemic. vivo Being a large company considered it a duty to serve the communities in which they do business.

vivo is acting to make home life more enjoyable also to ensure the well-being of their customers bringing Joy and support to their emotional needs, vivo stay true to its vision while showing that we genuinely care about our customers. We have taken precautionary measures to keep virus away from our service centers by doing following steps:

·         Vaccination of our Staff

·         Checking temperature before entering customers in Service Centers.

·         Put Safety Covers on the reception desks.

·         Providing Customers hand sanitizers, Gloves, masks

·         Disinfecting Service Centers 2 time in a day

In all of cases, vivo have demonstrated its commitment to customers and society. At the same time, we are creating alternatives so we can continue providing meaningful work for our employees and customers.