As one of the leaders of mobile imaging, vivo has always been encouraging all mobile phone users to capture diverse images from unique perspectives and use these works to express their most genuine emotions. In 2022, we have cooperated with many renowned directors in some regions of global market, who used vivo X series phones to record and tell stories from their unique perspectives. These exceptional works allowed us to witness the power of visual creation.

Films keep the memories of our time alive. At vivo, we wish to encourage the creation of short films to tell the moving stories around us, to
pass on creators’ emotions and attitudes, and to take vivo phones to record and keep the memories of our time for consumers.
Starting from this vision, we launch 2022 vivo Visual Creator Short Film Awards, so to fulfil mobile phone users’ imaging dreams and help them
to create their own world of light and shadows.

Starting from this vision, we launch 2022 vivo Visual Creator Short Film Awards, so to fulfil mobile phone users’ imaging dreams and help them
to create their own world of light and shadows.


Global Awards

Best Film

Fluffy Ball


Taiwan, China

Judges comments: This film uses blue Fluffy balls to
externalize the heroine's painful
emotions after falling out of love. The
story is told without many words and
without unnecessary effects through
interesting camera settings, close-ups
and excellent editing. The color,
composition, camerawork, editing, and
acting of the film are of excellent

Best Story

Ride Ahead

Azeem Amin


Judges comments: Professionally narrated story of the taxi
driver. Very good cut and very good music/
sound. Even under the difficult lighting
conditions, the image quality of the Vivo
X80 used is convincing. The story culminates
in the surprising twist in the finalscene,
implemented with the best dramaturgy.

Best Editing


My Anh Nguyen


Judges comments: Exciting and effectively implemented story,
with the best acting performance of the
main actresses. Within 10 minutes, the
director use the story structure of nonlinear
editing and narrative to create the time
loop, and explore the philosophical
thinking about friendship with time flows.

Best Photography

You Are the Shine

Ho Hai My


Judges comments: The visual style of the film is strong. The
overall aesthetic elements are unified
and appropriate to the content. The
shooting techniques are skillful, and the
scenes are abundant, All of these give
full play to the characteristics and
advantages of mobile imaging.
Especially the subtle sense of breathing
movement of hand-held mobile
imaging, makes the photography both
realistic and romantic.

Best Creator

The Smile of Mother

Dinh Thien Phat


Judges comments: The film is very simple in terms of
shooting and editing techniques, but it
constructs an ordinary, real and
emotionally appealing story. Children
and adults have a lot of helplessness,
and they have to face the challenges
of life. But the love between each
other will eventually resolve crisis. The
character construction of this film is
authentic and credible. The conflicts
of plot are strong, and I feel moved
across nations and cultures.

Regional Awards

Best Film of Taiwan, China

Demon de Laplace

鄭 翔 鴻

Best Film of Vietnam


Dao Hoang Duy

Best Film of singapore

The Drive

Thomas Goh

Best Film of Pakistan


Ahmad Shah

Best Film of Malaysia

Nature discovered with vivo X80 Series

Yusuf Bin Madi

Best Film of Thailand

The Shape of Wind



Note: Due to technical reasons, the official announcement date of vivo Visual Creator Short Film Awards is moved to Nov.18th.
All subsequent dates in Schedule and Rules of this campaign will be postponed by 7 days.

  • Global Awards
    $7000 per winner

    Best Film

    Best Story

    Best Editing

    Best Photography

    Best Creator

    1 winner for each award
  • Regional Awards
    $3000 per winner

    Regional Best Film

    1 winner for each region
  • Additional Prizes
    Every Award winner will receive

    Awards Certificate

    vivo X80 Series smartphone

    Professional reviews from jury

    Official promotion by vivo

    including but not limited to displaying their works on the official website of, official social media accounts of vivo, and in offline video exhibitions hosted or supported by vivo

*All of the above monetary amounts are subject to tax.


  • Trinh Dinh Le Minh


    Renowned Director

  • Xianhui Zhao


    vivo Imaging Expert

  • Bertram Hoenlinger


    ZEISS Photography Expert