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Dual Display

NEX Dual Display Edition brings the future to your fingertips, opening two doors to a revolutionary new mobile experience. In addition to the groundbreaking notch-free Ultra FullView™ Display on the front, a second Lunar Ring Display opens up a new world of possibilities on the back.

Triple Camera

NEX’s 12MP Dual-Pixel main camera features a Sony IMX363 sensor and 4-axis OIS, alongside a specialized Night Video Camera and innovative TOF (Time of Flight) 3D Camera. With two screens at your disposal, all three cameras can be used to both photograph the world around you and take selfies, expanding your freedom to capture life's beautiful moments from any angle.

Mirror Mode

The Dual Display adds extra fun and functionality to your photography experience. See what your photographer sees when taking your picture, with the rear screen mirroring the front display framing, so you can guide them to snap the perfect shot.

Rear Touch Pad

The possibilities are endless with double the displays. By shifting certain controls to the rear screen, NEX’s Dual Display enhances gaming. During gameplay, specific areas of the rear screen transform into a dedicated gamepad, so you can focus more on defeating your adversary than fumbling with your thumbs.

* Rear Touch Pad only works in landscape mode. Individual games may not be supported.
10GB RAM + Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

Flagship Hard-ware Specs

Get the performance boost you always dreamed of. From the gigantic 10GB RAM and the lightning-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, to the Adreno 630 GPU and latest Android 9.0 OS, NEX Dual Display Edition is the whole package, offering immense power, with low energy consumption.

  • 10GB


  • 845

    Qualcomm Snapdragon

Fingerprint Scanning

Refined over five generations, vivo’s leading In-Display Fingerprint Scanning technology has improved once again. Now featuring a 3P lens, Microlens technology and DSP optimization on the front screen, giving you virtually instantaneous access to your virtual life.

Magic Case

Now you can create the phone case that your heart desires. Instead of turning black, the locked rear screen can show images or text of your choosing, giving you unlimited style options to suit every mood, outfit or occasion.

Jovi——Your AI Assistant

Jovi, which means “Enjoy vivo’s AI”, is vivo’s AI assistant. Enabling it on your NEX delivers a futuristic AI-powered user experience. Jovi learns to understand you better than you know yourself, making your life easier, smarter, and simpler.


All data is based on our technical design parameters, laboratory test results and supplier test data. Actual performance may vary depending on software version, specific test environment and phone model. All comparisons shown on this page refer to vivo products only.

Ultra FullView™

The new Ultra FullView™ Display is an even more impressive follow-up to the previous generation. At 6.39-inches*,the Super AMOLED display has a screen-to-body ratio of 91.63%, an aspect ratio of 19.5:9, and a 3.81mm slim bottom bezel. It can give you a brilliantly immersive view that nestles comfortably in your palm.

  • 6.39-inches

    Super AMOLED

Lunar Ring

An additional 5.49-inch* FHD Super AMOLED display graces the phone’s back, seamlessly integrating with the elegant Lunar Ring, which unites the screen and three cameras to complete the Lunar Ring Display. The Lunar Ring itself creates a dream-like band of colors which signify incoming calls, visually enrich music, and enhance photos with AI Selfie Lighting, for a visual experience that’s ahead of its time.

Ripple Gradient

The side panel is enriched by a color gradient which extends up to the rear screen’s edge, creating a seamless finish. The result is a phone body that radiates sophistication from every angle, revealing a new aspect of beauty with each and every look.

Night Video Camera

The pro-level Night Video Camera helps you film clear footage both in low-light environments and in motion, so you can stay on top of the short-form video craze and stand out from the crowd, even when shooting after dark.

Lunar Ring

The Lunar Ring* upgrades vivo’s acclaimed Selfie Softlight by enhancing your selfies with diffusion lighting in low-light environments. It also adds a new and exciting dimension to your photos, featuring an array of different colored filters.


The TOF 3D Camera is a real game changer, empowering you to see the world with an added dimension. Its 3D sensing capabilities makes point-to-point distance measuring possible, giving you a 3D model of your face for enhanced facial recognition protection and personalized beautification.

Pose Director

Alternatively, watch a pose image or video on the screen, as a helpful reference to imitate while you’re being filmed or photographed. Plus, a rear screen video or picture can keep kids or pets entertained, giving you the opportunity to capture their most adorable moments.

AI Body Shaping

Look fabulous from head to toe in both photos and videos. AI Body Shaping allows you to adjust various aspects of your body, giving you the opportunity to sculpt your most-desired look.

before Shaping

after Shaping

Dual Display

vivo’s Smart Split now offers more flexible multitasking than ever. Upon receiving a message while playing games or watching videos, simply turnover your phone to reply immediately on the rear screen.

Mood Gestures

NEX brings a fresh and unique feature through Mood Gestures. Draw a “V” or a heart on the locked front screen to make an animation or image appear on the rear screen, giving you magical new ways to add fun to your life.

Face Access

The rear screen’s TOF 3D Camera features 3D sensing technology, enabling fast and accurate facial recognition, even in low-light environments. Both the NEX Dual Display Edition’s face-unlocking and fingerprint recognition capabilities are the most-advanced in the industry, giving you incredible speed, protection and double-sided freedom.

Jovi Smart Scene

Jovi is all about making your everyday life easier, so we’ve taught it how to recognize a myriad of user scenarios and act accordingly. Be it the weather forecast, your schedule or the results from your favorite sports teams, it can quickly give you the info you need in real time. Jovi also cares about your health and happiness, from reporting your sports and exercise data at the end of the day, to checking in when you’re working late to see how you are. Jovi Smart Scene – the personal assistant with your best interests at heart.

Google Lens

In collaboration with Google, vivo NEX’s camera has been integrated with Google Lens technology to bring you AI image recognition. Using an industry-leading deep learning algorithm, combined with neural network technology, your NEX can identify objects and scenes in your photos and perform related searches. From exploring popular landmarks, identifying plants and animals, to discovering where to buy an outfit you’ve spotted - the world is at your fingertips.

Google Assistant

NEX Dual Display Edition also has Google Assistant, which is your voice-powered personal attendant. Use voice commands to save time while Google Assistant helps you perform a myriad of different actions — playing music or videos, booking plane tickets, sending messages, shopping online or navigating your way home. It provides endless possibilities, all hands-free.