Warranty Terms

Warranty Policy

vivo manufacture guarantee

Thank you for choosing a mobile phone from vivo! As a manufacturer of high-quality products, vivo itself sets high quality standards for its products. Therefore, vivo Mobile Communication Co, Ltd. ("vivo") grants a guarantee on the product you have purchased, provided that the following conditions are met:

Reminder and important notice

1. Warranty repair will be provided by vivo or the distributors or service centers authorized by vivo.

2. The warranty service is valid in the territory of the United Kingdom.

3. Before sending a device to vivo or an authorized service center for repair, please first back up all personal information stored in the product, especially phone numbers and other important information, and delete all personal information after the backup, as well as cancel all security passwords to avoid loss or leakage.

4. Before sending a device to vivo or an authorized service center for repair, please bring the purchase voucher and warranty card with you (a valid purchase voucher must be filled with complete information by the seller with signature or official seal. The voucher cannot be altered; otherwise it will be deemed as invalid). If the product failure involves accessories (such as the charger, data cable, or earphone), please bring them together for repair.

5. To ensure a better service, please keep your warranty card, purchase voucher, and repair documents properly.

6. In case of any information change on aftersales services, vivo will not issue further notice. Please dial the service hotline for consultation.

vivo Warranty Instructions

Thanks for using vivo mobile phone. The following warranty policies apply to your mobile phone. If there is any conflict or missing parts between the following terms and the laws, regulations, or policies of your residing country or region, the local laws, regulations, or policies shall prevail.

A. Warranty Terms

1. During the warranty period (as defined in Item 2 below), if you use the product according to the User Manual, for any performance failure caused by product quality problems, vivo will provide free warranty repairs.

2. Warranty period: from the date of purchase, the warranty period lasts twenty-four (24) months for mobile phone; twenty-four (24) months for battery; six (6) months for charger and data cable; and six (6) months for earphone.

B. Warranty Repair Instructions

1. The warranty is only valid under the condition of normal use. If the damage is caused by reasons other than the product quality or due to any of the following circumstances, the warranty services cannot be enjoyed, but repair can be done with charged fees:

a. The warranty period is expired.

b. Damages are caused by failure to use or maintain the product in accordance with the requirements in User's Manual.

c. Damages are caused by disassembly, repair, or modification conducted by any party other than vivo or its authorized service centers.

d. Defects and damages are caused by normal wear and tear or normal aging of the device.

e. Damages are caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, or certain accident.

f. Spillage of food or liquid, corrosion, rust, or wrong voltage.

g. Damages caused to the mobile phone by the utilization of non-original accessories (charger or data cable) are not included in the scope of replacement or warranty.

h. The plastic surface and other exposed parts are scratched or damaged during use.

I. Causes or contingencies of force majeure (e.g. lightning, fire, earthquake, high voltage, insufficient polarity, traffic accident, or flood).

2. Warranty services are also not available in case of the following circumstances:

If the serial number or IMEI of the product cannot be identified, or the warranty label has been stained or removed. In addition, there is no purchase voucher.

3. All parts, components, and accessories that have been replaced during the repair and warranty services belong to vivo.

4. If you didn’t back up your data before delivering the product to vivo or an authorized service center for warranty repairs, vivo shall not be liable for the damages or losses of any app, data, SIM card, or removable storage media.

5. To the extent permitted by local laws, the use of vivo products by consumers should be non-commercial. Therefore, vivo will not bear the losses of any profit, income, or time caused by your use or inability to use the device.

Your other rights

This manufacturer's guarantee does not restrict your legal rights, in particular existing statutory warranty rights. These rights continue to exist in addition to the guarantee and can be claimed by you in the event of a defect in the product, irrespective of the existence of a guarantee claim.