vivo to roll out Android 12 updates in Europe

London, 2 December, 2021

vivo smartphones in Europe to update to latest OS version in three batches from January 2022

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vivo marks its first year in Europe

London, 20th October 2021

Twelve months and ten markets across the continent for the fourth largest smartphone brand worldwide

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How to send your vivo device for warranty repair in the UK?

London, 10th November 2021

We at vivo understand in an unfortunate situation, it can be frustrating to send your beloved smartphone away to repair, to make the process easier, we have provided a free postal repair service.

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Guidance of EasyShare

London, 1st November 2021

Use Easyshare to transfer your data

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vivo phones to receive performance boost from September

London, 20th September 2021

​Thanks to vivo's combination of great performance and value, customers are already used to getting just a bit extra from their smartphone. With the launch of the Extended RAM 2.0 update, selected smartphones from this year's line-up will now offer even more. By increasing the Extended RAM to up to 4GB, the experience of running multiple apps at once, or switching between them, will become even smoother. The Extended RAM 2.0 function will be upgraded in vivo X60 Pro 5G, V21 5G, and Y72 5G device

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vivo breaks new ground with self-designed Imaging Chip V1, committing to long-term technology innovation strategy

London, 3rd September 2021

vivo has unveiled a new in-house designed imaging chip - the V1 - during a press event held in Shenzhen, China. As part of the company's commitment to enable consumers to take their perfect shot, the V1 was developed over 24 months, involving 300 R&D team members and imaging lab experts at vivo.

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