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X90 Pro

Photography. Redefined.

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*Product pictures are for reference only. The actual product shall prevail.
vivo ZEISS Co-engineered Imaging System
Dual Flagship Chip

On Every Level

vivo ZEISS Co-engineered
Imaging System.

On Every Level

With certified compliance to ZEISS1 T* Coating on all rear cameras,
ghosting and flares are significantly reduced. It enables more clarity in the image.

Engineered Especially
for the Night

ZEISS 1-inch Main Camera.
Gathers light to improve every night shot
with clarity, purity, and superiority.

1-inch Sensor size

f/1.75 Ultra-large aperture

3.2 μm 4-in-1 pixel size

77% X90 Photosensitive area2

8 Pieces 1 Glass + 7 Plastic Lenses

OIS CIPA Level 4

X90 Pro

Imaging. Made for
Professional Heights

Greater Photography is now at hand.
Powered by V2 Chip for professional levels of imaging and display.

MEMC dynamic
frame interpolation

High dynamic

AI noise

Night Scenes
Now Brighter

4K Ultra-Sensing Night Video3.
No more darkness with Night Photography.

X90 Pro

4K Ultra-Sensing Night Video3.
No more darkness with Night Photography.

Night Scenes
Now Richer

4K HDR Night Video.
Greater details, all at a high dynamic range.

4K HDR Night Video.
Greater details, all at a high dynamic range.

Night Scenes
Now with Freedom

Handheld Astro.
Take the perfect night sky shot without any tripod.

X90 Pro

Handheld Astro.
Take the perfect night sky shot without any tripod.

Night Scenes
Now More Charming

AI Night View.
Enhances colors in night photos to reproduce their authenticity.

AI Night View.
Enhances colors in night photos to reproduce their authenticity.

How to Shoot a

Super Moon4

Night Scenes Cleared Up

Landscape Moon.
Upgraded Super Night View 3.0. One tap for a brighter moon and clearer landscape.

Night Scenes Beautified

Blue-Tone Landscape Moon.
Advanced technology contrasts the moon and sky for mysterious, blue-toned shots.

Night Scenes Glorified

Artistic Moon. Designed to harmonize moon and
land for artistic shots that'd take your breath away.

Portraits Made

50 mm portrait camera. Improved portrait bokeh creates high-quality shots
with a special focus on subjects.

50MP Portrait Camera
with Large Sensor

1/2.51" IMX758 Sensor | 50MP |
f/1.6 Aperture | OIS

Amazingly Iconic

New ZEISS Cine-flare Portrait, courtesy of the 6th addition to 5 portrait styles. Under a strong
light source in the background, it generates a nice-looking flare.

X90 Pro
X90 Pro
Showcase: ZEISS Cine-flare Portrait

How to Shoot a

ZEISS Style Portrait4

Amazingly Stunning

Iconic ZEISS Style Portrait.
Brought to life by 5 portrait styles that now also power the front
camera, the way they do for the rear camera.

ZEISS Cinematic Style Bokeh

ZEISS Planar 2.8/80
ZEISS Planar Style Bokeh

ZEISS Biotar 1.5/75
ZEISS Biotar Style Bokeh

ZEISS Sonnar 2.8/180
ZEISS Sonnar Style Bokeh

ZEISS Distagon 2.0/28
ZEISS Distagon Style Bokeh

Amazingly Emotional

Nautical Blue Portrait.
Natural transitions to your other sides.

Amazingly Cinematic

ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh.
Giving every subject-matter the focus and cinematic feel.

Never Miss a Moment

Zero-Shutter-Lag5 Motion Snapshot.
Spur of the moment, captured exactly with zero delay.

Never Miss a Moment

Night Sports Mode.
For blur-less,
clearer motion images at night.

Never Miss a Moment

Live Photo. Capture more memories than you planned, with 1.5 seconds of recording before and
after the shutter is pressed.

How to Shoot with

ZEISS Miniature Effect4

vivo Vivid Colors
ZEISS Natural Color 2.0

Put in Focus

ZEISS Miniature Effect with classic bokeh shows a miniature world in the viewfinder,
allowing you to find beauty in familiar scenes of life.

Kept Real

ZEISS Natural Color 2.0 makes colors more authentic and accurate,
assuring a color experience that is loyal to the human eyes.

Left Authentic

AI Perception Engine 2.0.
Less dullness.
More brightness for authenticity.

65% X90 Brightness

12% X90 White balance

More mouth-watering

Food Mode. For appetizing shots
in one single take, every time.

X90 Pro
X90 Pro

32MP Front Camera6

12MP IMX663 sensor

50MP IMX758 sensor
Portrait Camera

50MP IMX989 sensor
ZEISS 1-inch
Main Camera

Laser Focus

Two Cores
One Purpose

V2 Chip. Built with MediaTek
Dimensity 9200
to further
elevate your experience.

Speed for
Every Day

Less lag. More speed.
Faster operations.

4 nm TMSC's most
advanced process

3.05 GHz Cortex-X3
super core

12% X90 Single-core
CPU performance

10% X90 Multiple-core
CPU performance

32% X90 GPU Immortalis-G715

1.26 Million AnTuTu score7

Speed for
Every Day

V2 Chip with all-new AI-ISP architecture.
A custom-made innovation for a new
benchmark in phone photography.

X90 Imaging Processing Subsystem

X90 AI Acceleration Unit

X90 Fully On-Chip Memory Hierarchy

for Every Game

120 Hz Game Frame Interpolation.
Higher frame rates and lower power consumption to keep you glued to your game.8

Power for
Every Need

Iron Triangle of Performance.
Designed to power up your every day.

33% X90 LPDDR5X Theoretical speed

23% X90 UFS 4.0 and MCQ Load time when launching large games9

8 GB X90 Extended RAM 3.0 Up to 36 active apps10

For Faster Operations UFS Deep Defragmentation Stay fast even after extensive use

X90 Pro
X90 Pro
X90 Pro
X90 Pro
X90 Pro
X90 Pro
X90 Pro
X90 Pro

Higher Speed
in Recharging

120W FlashCharge.11
Two charging modes: Fast
charging and Balanced. Less waiting, less worries.

More Freedom
in Recharging

50W Wireless FlashCharge.12
Restore power without getting tied down.

Made Speedy

Equivalent 4870 mAh13 Dual-Cell Battery.
Do what you want for longer.

More Protection
for Greater Security

Software. Hardware. All protected
with measures
for peace of
mind and safer, quicker charging.

X90 Pro
X90 Pro
X90 Pro
X90 Pro
X90 Pro

8 min 10s

Charges to 50%14

Fast charging mode

Security Protection

TÜV Rheinland
Safe Fast-Charge System Certification

More Consideration
for Your Eyes

Up to 2,160 Hz pulse-width modulation (PWM).
All-new Q9 Luminescent Material. All for immersive displays that protect your eyes.

X90 Pro
X90 Pro

1.07 Billion Colors

100% DCI-P3

1,300 nits Local
Peak Brightness

120 Hz Screen
Refresh Rate

X90 Pro Certification

Your eyes. Protected, always.

Hardware Level 2,160 Hz PWM

Software Level Anti-Fatigue
Brightness Adjustment

Chip Level Smart Eye
Protection Mode

like It's Second Nature

XDR Engine. Optimized colors and brightness
with high dynamic range make everything you see a pleasure.

X90 Pro

Sounds like a Dream

Richer. Deeper. More realistic.
The Dual Stereo Speaker
transports you to another world.

Feels like the Real Deal

Vibration feedback. Feel like a part of the game
you play with the X-Axis Linear Motor.

like It's Meant To

No more overheating. Just optimal flagship performance with
Ultra Large Vapor Chamber Liquid Cooling System.

4,002 mm² VC area

35% X90 Larger VC

56,422 mm² Total cooling area

  • X90 Pro
  • X90 Pro

Personalized like
You Want It

Change UI colors. Switch Icons.
Stamp your personality to make it truly yours.

Modernized Like
Never Before

NFC chip for easier connectivity and contactless convenience.

Cardless like
You Need It

Stay with a physical SIM card or do without. eSIM gives you the option to go fully digital.



Breaking the boundaries of

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Premium Vegan
Leather Finish

A soft yet strong leather with a
genuine leather feel.

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IP6815 Water and Dust

Tested and proven to be resistant to
water and dust.

International Warranty16

X90 Pro

Wherever you travel to, enjoy
maintenance support with
International Warranty Service.

Exclusive Service 17
X90 Pro

Hotline service

Call Local Hotline for professional support.

X90 Pro

Free labor fee in warranty repair

No handling fee in warranty repair.

X90 Pro

Free delivery service in warranty repair

Enjoy two-way logistics for free in warranty repair.


ZEISS, the ZEISS Logo and T* are registered trademarks of Carl Zeiss AG.

The data is compared with X80 Pro.

The 4K Night Video feature is only available when the phone takes videos at 30 fps.

Advertising creativity only. Please refer to the actual product for details and configurations.
Images simulated for demonstration purpose.

Shutter lag is the time difference between when the shutter is triggered and when the photo is actually taken.

The pixel value may vary under different camera modes, and is subject to actual usage.

The performance score of 1,260,000 on AnTuTu V9.0 is tested in vivo Labs, and the test device is the 12 GB + 256 GB edition of X90 Pro. The score may vary with different editions and test environments and is for reference only.

The Game Frame Interpolation feature is currently only available for some compatible games. Please refer to actual gaming experience.

The data shown is from results of laboratory tests. Actual game load time may vary depending on specific conditions.

The 12 GB RAM edition supports up to 36 active apps in the background.

X90 Pro is equipped with vivo standard charger, and supports up to 120W FlashCharge. The actual charging power is dynamically adjusted as the scene changes, and subject to actual use.

Please use vivo official wireless charger to support 50W Wireless FlashCharge. 50W Wireless charger needs to be purchased separately.

This product is designed with dual-cell series connection:
Typical battery capacity: 2435 mAh (7.78V), equivalent to 4870 mAh (3.89V).
Typical battery energy: 18.94 Wh
Rated battery capacity: 2350 mAh (7.78V), equivalent to 4700 mAh (3.89V).
Rated battery energy: 18.47 Wh

In Fast charging mode, X90 Pro can be charged to 50% within 8 minutes 10s. The charging data is obtained from vivo laboratory tests. Test environment: ambient and phone temperature of 25℃±1℃. Test conditions: 1% of battery capacity, in Fast charging mode, all phone services and features turned off except for voice calls, screen off, and an official standard charger and data cable used. Actual data may vary depending on the test environment, charging situation, original phone temperature, long-term battery wear, and other factors.

This model is not a professional waterproof mobile phone, and is tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP68 under IEC standard 60529. The resistance to splash, water, and dust is not permanent and may be reduced due to daily wear and tear. Do not charge the mobile phone when it is wet. Refer to Safety information in Settings for cleaning and drying instructions. Damage due to liquid ingress are not covered by the warranty.

We provide international warranty service for this model. No longer worry about your device.
For designated devices, you can enjoy in warranty repair, out of warranty repair and software upgrade services at any vivo authorized service center in the country/region where it is officially sold.

Some service items are subject to the actual conditions of the service center. For details, please contact the local service center.

Accessibility of some certain features may vary across regions. The product pictures and features shown are for reference only; the images shown on the display screen are simulated, and for demonstration purposes only. Certain product specifications may change due to reasons like supplier change or different production batches. Please take actual products as standard.

All data is based on vivo's technical design parameters, laboratory test results and supplier test data. Some data may be peak performance data. Actual performance may vary depending on software version, specific test environment and phone model.

Actual available RAM/ROM is less due to the storage of the operating system and pre-installed apps.

50W wireless charging power can only be achieved when using the vivo official Wireless Flash Charger and the standard charger. Using a third-party wireless charger may result in lower charging efficiency due to reasons like non-adaptation. It is recommended to use the vivo official Wireless Flash Charger together.

The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) quantifies the maximum level of user exposure to electromagnetic waves. The maximum SAR is 2 W / kg for the head and body. The SAR of X90 Pro: head 0.98 W/kg; body 1.18 W/kg.