Warranty Terms

Warranty Terms

Every activity of our company is Customer-Centric. To protect your rights and interests, please be reminded of the following:

1. After purchasing a vivo phone, you can get such services :

 free repair, device replacement, 5 kinds of Life-time warranty, spare parts replacement,etc.. at nearest vivo service center of Myanmar. (The address of the service center can be found in the vivo phone_ settings > more settings > after-sales service)

2. Before servicing (upgrade or repair), backup your contacts and other important data stored in your device before removing them in case of information loss or leakage. For dealer device, please make sure to fill out the specific contact information as require in the receipt form.

3. Present valid proof of purchase and original invoice(the proof of purchase and invoice must be completed by the store and stamped with it’s official stamp, with no correction. Otherwise they will be considered invalid). Do not tear up the IMEI code sticker on the device or your warranty will be invalid.

4. For devices that are damaged for reasons other than their quality( for instance, water/moisture entering the device, dropping and improper use), disassembled without authorization, repaired by non-designated shops or devices whose warranty period has expired, vivo may provide repair services but will charge a certain fee. ( For payment, please confirm the receipt of the vivo service center before leaving from the service center.)

5. Please read the service details carefully in the warranty card.


For general inquiries : 08008008049(MTP only), 012390056

Service Hours: Mon to Sat 8:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m.  Excluding Public Holidays


Guarantee Replacement & Repair


1. For malfunctions caused by device or accessory quality issues, you are entitled to guaranteed replacement and repair. Please present valid proof of purchase.

2. For malfunctions caused by device, you are entitled to free replacement within 15 days of purchase, and repair service within one year.

For battery, charger, data cable, wire headset and SD card, the repair warranty period is 6 months after purchase.

3. 5 Kinds of Life-time warranty

1) Free system upgrade

2) Free system maintenance

3) Free phone inspection/checking

4) Free phone cleaning

5) Free software download


For general inquiries Hotline number : 08008008049(MTP only), 012390056

Service Hours: Mon to Sat 8:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m.  Excluding Public Holidays