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Why Themes is not available on my phone?

When will the resources in Themes be updated?

How to download and set up theme?

Do themes come with the lockscreen styles?

Can Themes be applied to a third-party app?

Can my purchased Themes resources be used permanently?

Why can I not download themes from Themes?

Can I use third-party themes and fonts?

Where are files downloaded Themes stored?

How do I find the source files of the themes and fonts downloaded in Themes?

Why am I charged for downloading Themes resources?

How do I restore to the default theme of the system?

Can I return or replace the resources that I purchased from Themes?

Why does the software icon remain unchanged after the theme is changed?

Why are there so few free themes?

Will rebooting or easing data delete purchased Themes resources?

What if the fonts downloaded from Themes cannot be applied?

How to switch the system font of the mobile phone?

Are the purchased theme resources still there if I switch to another vivo account?

Why can't I find the themes I purchased when I log in to the same vivo account on another phone?

How can I add Themes resources to "My favorites"?

Will the payment for theme resources be automatically renewed?

How do I cancel theme mix?

Do I have to pay to download a theme?

What if the themes in Themes added to "My favorites" are missing?

Are there free-of-charge resources in Themes?

Why are the Themes resources so expensive?

What if the lock screen wallpaper/home screen wallpaper/home screen icons are not displayed after the themes are applied?

Will Themes resources use the ROM of my phone?

How to set a beautiful and personalized font?

Why does the same theme have different visual effects on different models?

How do I view the Themes resources added to "My favorites"?

Why are there so limited Themes resources?

Can I search for the usage records of the Themes resources?

Why hasn't my account receive the themes while the payment is already made?

What is Mix and how to use it?

What if downloading with Themes failed?

Can I delete already purchased theme resources?

Why are there so limited types of Themes resources?

Can I give Themes resources I purchased to friends?

Why can't I purchase the resources in Themes?

What if the special symbols are not displayed?

Why is the font italic?

Why does the font of some characters remains unchanged after changing the font?

Is there a time limit for the weekly free themes in the theme ranking?

Are my purchased themes bound with my vivo account?

How do I view the ranking of themes in Themes?

Can themes be used across different models?

How can I delete Themes resources already downloaded?

Do I have to pay for downloading resources already purchased again?

Why do I have to purchase Themes resources that I already purchased before?

Why no results are found when I search for some Themes resources?

How can I retrieve the used resources in Themes?

How long is the time of trial use of charged Themes resources?

How can I purchase Themes resources?

How do I try the trial use of Themes?

Will discounts be offered for paid themes?

Can themes be set to automatic switching?