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Disable HDR

How to use Dual-View of the Camera?

What is OIS?

What is the continuous shooting speed of the camera?

How to shoot a video with the camera?

Frame rates supported by the Ultra Stabilization of Video

Can super wide-angle cameras be used for recording video?

Photos taken with the Black currant filter are reddish or leak light

There is ghost when taking pictures in the HDR mode

How to enable Ultra Stable Video?

How to enable/disable 8K video recording?

Cinema Mode

Introduction to Ultra-Wide Night Mode

The frame rate of the video file only displays

How to enable/disbale Remove moles?

Motion Autofocus

Horizontal Line Stabilization

The differences between Standard Stabilization and Ultra Stabilization

Enable portrait bokeh/Disable portrait bokeh

Super EIS

Which is better, EIS or OIS?

Which is better, OIS or Micro gimbal stabilization?

Does my phone support zooming in the Supermoon?

4K video recording time

How to set the resolution of videos taken by the camera?

Can I add a watermark to a video?

What is a 24MP photosensitive unit?

How to enable/disable the auxiliary line for composition when taking pictures

How to enable/disable 4K video recording?

How to use Ultra Stabilization of Video?

The recorded video has no sound

The video recorded with the camera cannot be saved

How to set black and white photos?

The definition of Super Wide-Angle

The camera cannot focus

VIS Ultra Stable VideoVIS

What does 4K video recording mean?

The shot video is blurry

What is the resolution supported by Ultra Stabilization of Video?

ZEISS Natural Color

ZEISS portrait style

What is the white halo at the front camera?

How to use Voice Photography?

How to disable Super Wide-Angle

A small sun icon appears on the viewfinder interface of the camera

How to adjust the camera brightness?

How to enable/Disable Horizontal Line Stabilization

How to switch between landscape and portrait modes in the Horizontal Line Stabilization mode?

Introduction to AF

Does my phone support auto focus?

How to shoot continuously?

How to disable continuous shooting?

How to enable/disable quick motion and slow motion?

Video codes

Introduction to Audio focus

How to enable/disable Audio focus

How to enable/disable the Cinema Mode?

Videos/pictures taken are too dark or too white

The recording is automatically interrupted

Where can I view the recorded videos?

Can I adjust the frame rate of the camera?

How to adjust the video quality/size?

Can I adjust the aspect ratio of the video?

Can I pause the video recording?

Can I record a video when the screen of my phone is off?

Can the time be displayed while recording?

The viewfinder interface is zoomed in when recording

The size of videos recorded at the same resolution is different

Does the Ultra Stabilization of Video support 2x optical zoom or 20x digital zoom?

The video size and frame rate cannot be set in the video setting options

8K video recording time

Selection of multiple video styles

How to reduce the ambient sound and highlight the voice while recording?

The video preview interface has a latency compared to the actual picture

Can I disable the Dynamic effects when switching camera?

How to enable/disable ZEISS Natural Color?

How to enable/disable ZEISS portrait style?

Check the focal length of cameras of the phone

A white circle rotates around the camera when switching to the front camera

How to use a filter?

What is a filter?

How to exit the filter?

How to slim face when taking photos?

Can Beauty and Slim be enabled at the same time?

How to enable/disable Beauty?

Profile beauty

How to enable/disable Profile beauty?

Beauty preview

How to enable/disbale Beauty preview?

Beauty mode cannot be enabled or disabled

Why the beauty Camera can only beautify the face?

How to adjust the beauty level?

Camera beauty fails

How to slim body in the photo?

Models that support Beauty

Introduction to front and rear dual-view

What is a photosensitive unit?

Can I enable the auxiliary line for composition when taking selfies?

There are dead pixels on the viewfinder interface of the camera

How to focus

Can I disable auto focus?

Introduction to digital zoom

How to adjust the focal length?

The camera of phone focuses slowly

Do I need to set auto focus?

Does my phone support lossless zoom?