vivo launches Funtouch OS 14: Smoother than Ever

October 9, 2023

vivo has announced the launch of Funtouch OS 14 for vivo users worldwide. The Android-based system comes with all the benefits introduced in the new Android 14 version, with a unique vivo twist to deliver an enhanced and smooth user experience. Focusing on improving memory management, multitasking capabilities, personalization, privacy and security, as well as offering new video editing tools to allow more room for creativity and flexibility, the new upgraded operating system ensures that users enjoy every interaction with their device.


Smooth Envision: Smooth, Every Time

Funtouch OS 14 introduces Smooth Envision, an innovative approach that makes the OS experience smoother inside and out. By reducing the number of persistent processes and optimizing RAM usage, Funtouch OS 14 enhances system performance, responsiveness, and the ability to keep more apps active simultaneously. This enhanced RAM Saver feature adds up to 600 MB in available RAM space to devices with RAM configuration of 8 GB and above, making multitasking a breeze. For additional convenience, a new App Retainer feature ensures whitelisted apps that have not been closed manually are always restored to the last interface, so users can easily continue where they left off.

On selected smartphone models, smoothness is also achieved visually with Motion Blur, another upgrade that uses advanced algorithms to simulate motion blur when opening and closing apps on the home screen. This software-driven approach enhances the smoothness of displays with a 60 Hz refresh rate by an impressive 18.7%, ensuring silky-smooth visual transitions.


Do More at Once with Enhanced Multitasking Features

Taking multitasking to the next level, Funtouch OS 14 introduces an upgraded small window feature. Thanks to the improved visibility of adjustment lines, users will now find it easier to navigate and understand the adjustment range. Users can keep up to 12 small windows active in the background and the OS offers support for side-swipe suspension, giving consumers more control. For scenarios such as ride-hailing, watching a video, and chatting at the same time, when users want to focus on one app but still monitor another, a new non-interactive small window mode is introduced. Users can easily switch between the small window modes with a single tap.

More Colour, More You: Personalize Your Experience

With a range of new personalization options, Funtouch OS 14 enables consumers to express their unique style. Users can now customize the clock on their lock screen with three layout styles and eight font styles. New always on display styles1 and a new minimalist theme also offer even more customization options for vivo consumers. The new monochrome theme MY colour palette, which is based on Android's Material You design offers a simple and elegant colour selection to choose from. Additionally, this feature contributes to power saving by optimizing the display for grayscale visuals.

Get Creative with New Advanced Video Editing Tools

To make it easier to create unique and captivating content without the need to rely on third-party apps, Funtouch OS 14 comes with enhanced video editing capabilities. Users can now export videos in their original quality, supporting lossless export. Customizable video quality settings, including resolutions up to 4K at 60FPS2, give users greater creative control. Additionally, 25 filters have been added for easy video editing, all presented in improved thumbnails to better showcase the unique effects and usage scenarios and making it easier to pick and choose.

Furthermore, Funtouch OS 14 delivers an improved album browsing and viewing experience, allowing users to adjust the video playback speed, loop playback, enjoy full-screen playback, or take screenshots.


Safeguarding User Privacy and Security

Funtouch OS 14 empowers consumers to share their device while maintaining control over their personal information. A new Smart Mirroring feature allows users to seamlessly share their screen without worrying that the notification bar will pop up, accidentally revealing any personal information. Furthermore, users' hidden photos are now protected with an additional password verification step.

More information on the roll-out timeline of vivo's Funtouch OS 14 will be announced shortly



[1] Off-screen styles availability varies based on hardware specifications.

2 Available resolution options may vary across smartphone models.