vivo phones to receive performance boost from September

14. September, 2021

Updated Extended RAM feature adds additional "working" memory, for improved multitasking and overall smoother user experience

·         Performance boost available via next major software update of the 2021 line-up, including vivo X60 Pro, V21, Y72 and Y52 smartphones

·         Extended RAM enables devices to draw up to 4GB of virtual memory for a smoother user experience


Thanks to vivo smartphones' combination of great performance and value, the brand's customers are already used to getting just a bit extra. With the launch of the Extended RAM 2.0 update, selected smartphones from this year's line-up will now offer even more. By increasing the Extended RAM to up to 4GB, the experience of running multiple apps at once, or switching between them, will become even smoother. The Extended RAM 2.0 function will be upgraded in vivo X60 Pro, V21, Y72 and Y52 smartphones and delivered via phone software updates, available successively from September this year. 

As a reminder, vivo's Extended RAM allows consumers to set an allocation of the phone storage to be used as additional "working" memory, enabling a smoother user experience when using multiple apps at the same time. The system is implemented intelligently and switched on and off seamlessly, when there is adequate storage memory available. With the vivo X60 Pro which launched early this year , the company already provided a device with 12GB of RAM, boosted with an additional 3GB of Extended RAM. Now, with Extended RAM 2.0, the X60 Pro will now provide 4GB extended memory "on tap", and the same applies for the vivo V21 and Y72, which will also will receive a step-up from 3GB to 4GB of short-term memory storage space. The vivo Y52 will benefit from a "bump" to its 4GB of physical RAM, with the addition of 1GB Extended RAM, a feature which was previously unavailable with this model.