Fresh Features with New Experiences
Built with all-new features to simplify how you use your phone. The leading-edge functions provide a faster and seamless experience - so, you can control and create more with just the touch of a finger.
Animate with Always On Display
Experience an array of colorful and light animations as they collide in a dynamic display across the screen. Always On Display lets you customise the effects to suit your unique style.
Memories help group photos by time, location, events and even friends. Discover which photos fit together in new and innovative ways, building more moments and memories.
Create and Vlog with AI Editor
Review video footage, identify what’s in the shot and highlight key moments all with the new AI Editor. In just one click, apply vlog templates and generate tailored video clips. Then easily share your creations on socials or with friends, so no one misses a moment.
iManger summarises and presents information quickly and clearly so you can easily track and monitor phone performance.
Security Scan
Check your phone’s security status on a regular basis to scan and identify viruses, malicious files and potentially dangerous applications, paired with solutions to easily remove them all.
Customise Screenshots with S-capture
Capture screenshots in various shapes such as long and rectangular or create new shapes with the lasso tool. For more detail, you can doodle or include text on the shot, so you can capture, create and share more.
The Screen Recording feature can also record audio with the microphone on, system playback sound on, and even on mute. So go ahead, record game commentary videos, tutorial videos and more with endless creativity.
Level up with Ultra Game Mode
During game play, slide up with three fingers to choose an app from the list and activate it in a small floating window. Social media apps are also easily activated by using the sidebar.
Block alerts during game play to create a more immersive gaming experience. Real-time adaptive frame rate further boosts your game performance for the best outcome.
Disclaimer : All UI images, phone outlines and phone images on this page are for illustration only. The actual UI and functions may differ and may vary across different phone models. Please contact our customer service department for queries.