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The unwritten code of friendship - Inspired by A True Malaysian Story.

KITA - Inspired by True Events

An original short film shot on vivo X50 Pro and directed by the director of Netflix's Ghost Bride & winner of Golden Horse Awards, Ho Yuhang.

Keong has been transferred to a brand new school. Keong is a lonely boy who finds happiness and interest in drawing comics. However, Keong's father scorns his attempt on continuing to pursue his interest in art because he feels that it is a futile pursuit. Soon, due to his father's lack of interest, he becomes friends with Alex who is a troublemaker in his class, causing both of them to start skipping class and even school together. One fine day, something gnaws on Keong when Nadia, a gifted and talented girl, wins an inter-school drawing competition in his school. Shortly, he questions himself on why is Nadia getting all the glory and fame but not him. He then realizes his worth and is in a great pursuit to even things up.

A Shot Film Shot by vivo X50 Pro

Gimbal Camera System

X50 Pro's Gimbal Camera System sits on a cleverly-designed double-ball suspension mount. It uses mechanical movement to achieve flexible 3D stabilization and can cover angles 300% larger than OIS (alone).

Superb Night Camera

X50 Pro can hold the shutter open longer, to increase more incoming light, thanks to the Gimbal Camera System's stability and its outstanding light sensitivity.

60x Hyper Zoom

X50 Pro's 5x Telescopic lens cover great distances to capture new viers as it supports 60x Hyper Zoom, leading to photos with breathtaking details.

About the Director

Ho YuHang was born on April 11, 1971, in Malaysia. He is a renowned director and actor, known for his incredible directing on his own movie, Sanctuary and Rain Dogs.

Introducing the Director

A filmmaker who has directed several documentaries, short and feature films that were received with international acclaim, Ho YuHang is also known for his touching commercial where he worked on a TVC for Media Prima's Campaign that was themed 'Terima Kasih'. An experienced and a master of this film-making industry, Ho YuHang has an impressive amount of 10 award wins and 11 award nominations under his belt.