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There is a vastness to the world - and in it so much beauty, both natural grandeur and cultural heritage. vivo wishes to record and share this with our global audience, amidst a changing world where memory is fleeting. It is here, in partnership with the Sabah Tourism Board, that vivo kicks off the ‘Visual Xplorer’ project. Not only are we recording the majesty of Sabah, captured through the quality of vivo’s X-series flagship phones, but the rest of the world’s wonders too.... View More

  • An Ancient World Heritage for You to Explore

    Within the 7 million hectares of Sabah’s forest reserves lies a diversity of landscape and life that must be seen to be believed. Flora and fauna, both known and undiscovered, and stunning geographical vistas from highlands to the sea, all these are waiting to be explored.

  • A River Underneath Starlight - Sukau Bilit Resort
  • Ancient Giant of Sepilok
  • Explore the History of a people of harmony

    From the 40 sub-groups of the Kadazan-Dusun, to the horsemen of the Bajau and the warrior-heritage of the Murut peoples, Sabah is home to a wealth of diversity and culture. Be it their customs, their food or their homes, the harmony of Sabah is in all her people.

  • Rungus Woman in Traditional Dress
  • Explore the History of a people of harmony

Perfect Memories of Sabah, with the X70 Pro.

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