Data Security & Privacy Protection with vivo phones

September 15th, 2023

 At vivo, we understand that data protection is one of the most important ways we can care for our users. In a digital world, we believe that data privacy and secure storage can no longer be seen as luxuries but should be the norm on every device. This is why every vivo smartphone is held to the same uncompromising high data security and privacy protection standards. No matter if the vivo device is a flagship or a mid-range phone, we strive to ensure that the data is always kept safe.


Where does vivo store user data?

Our user protection philosophy is reflected in our innovative operating system, Funtouch OS, which offers a breadth of both user features and under-the-surface security and privacy mechanisms users can rely on. Funtouch OS also offers a robust, yet easy-to-use, way to keep data safe and is designed to work in compliance with local regulations and regional laws to confirm the high standard of its privacy policies and practices. In general, following the principle of data minimization, only essentially required personal data is collected and used. And as soon as any personal data is processed online, vivo ensures that this is handled by one of our secure servers. The data from devices distributed in the European Economic Area will be stored securely in Germany.


Do vivo devices have any specific security features?

vivo devices are designed with data security and privacy protection in mind. For example, smart features, like screen-pinning, give users the option to let others use a phone but restrict their access just to a specific app - or even to show only selected images while preventing access to others. Furthermore, the 'Find My Device' feature ensures that users can track a device via a Google account if it is lost or stolen. In addition to remotely finding a device, it is also possible to lock and erase data if the device can't be recovered.  Should a vivo user decide to permanently cancel their account and delete their personal data stored by vivo, vivo provides many channels with prompt response, including the convenient account cancel function in the application and a privacy center with full kinds of privacy supports.


How can data be transferred from one phone to another?

vivo makes it easy to transfer data to new devices without losing precious images and to remove data completely from an old device when needed. No matter if users have mid-range devices, or the latest flagship models, data transfers from their previous vivo phone to the next are safe and simple thanks to EasyShare. Want to transfer contacts or messages from an old phone? Simply download the EasyShare app to transfer data.


Do vivo devices come with special settings for managing user data?

There may be times when users wish to reset a phone's settings but don't want to lose any of their precious stored data. vivo's smartphones come with two distinct settings. One to reset default device settings, and one to completely wipe the phone. While the 'Reset all settings' option restores default system settings and clears system settings data, such as Wi-Fi passwords and paired Bluetooth devices information, it won't delete app data, or the files saved on the phone. However, if users have already transferred their data to a new device and are giving their phone to a family member or selling it, the 'Erase all Data' option offers a way to permanently remove all trace of personal data or stored files and photos. 


At vivo, we are committed to doing the right thing, the right way in all that we do. Data security and privacy protection are no exception, and we don't think these should depend on the price tag: Whether users have an entry-level device, or our latest and greatest flagship model, our commitment is to give them peace of mind to enjoy life to the full.