Level UP! How industry’s first Elevating Front Camera changed the game in smartphone design in 2018?

Kuala Lumpur, 11th February 2019

vivo V15 series comes with the World’s First 32MP Elevating Front Camera

(https://www.facebook.com/vivoMalaysia/videos/2269540289925639/) on their official Facebook that Dato Sri Siti Nurhaliza confirmed V15 series is launching soon in Malaysia.

According to the teaser video, V15 series comes with an Ultra FullView Display that is similar to vivo NEX launched previously. The smartphone is equipped with the world’s First 32MP Elevating Front Camera based on the video of the Elevating Front Camera (https://web.facebook.com/vivoMalaysia/videos/319092518732587/).

What a year it has been for smartphones in 2018, especially when vivo broke the trend of “notch smartphone”. vivo pioneered the Elevating Front Camera when they launched the APEX Concept Phone at MWC 2018, followed by the launching of vivo NEX. The Elevating Front Camera is a small periscopic camera that pops up when taking selfies and retracts automatically when the user exits selfie mode. vivo V15 series that coming soon in Malaysia now become a mid-range smartphone that comes with a flagship technology – which is the Elevating Front Camera.

In order to prove the durability and strength of the design of Elevating Front Camera, vivo even put NEX’s Elevating Front Camera to the most extreme test with a weight experiment (https://web.facebook.com/vivoMalaysia/videos/1117780045049520/).

APEX™ and NEX have rewritten the rules of the smartphone game by completely scraping the notch and replacing it with a brilliant solution. With such impressive technology now made a reality, will 2019 become “the year of the pop-up camera” instead while V15 series become the mid-range smartphone that packs with a Flagship Elevating Front Camera technology?

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