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Pro Photography in Pocket

VCS True Color Main Camera | Dual Flagship Chip | 120W Dual-Cell FlashCharge

vivo x90 series
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New Sunrise
Beauty on the Horizon

Inspired by the beautiful scene of the morning sun rising above the horizon. The sleek Skyline in a ceramic sheen adorned with silk screen printing divides the back cover, following a golden ratio that testifies to mathematical beauty. By drawing inspiration from professional cameras, we turn the lenses into an integrated "Big-Eye" camera module. The high-gloss C-angle enhances the sophisticated and premium feel. The exquisite fluorite AG glass is durable and smooth to the touch, and keeps fingerprints and dirt away2.

  • vivo x90 breeze blue
  • vivo x90 asteroid black
vivo x90 beautiful design

Ultra Vision Eye
Protection Screen3


Q9 luminescent material enables higher brightness while saving power. All-new Blue Diamond™ pixel density with 452 PPI ultra-vision pixel density. Say goodbye to graininess and enjoy an exquisite ultra-high-def display. PWM at a high frequency of up to 2,160 Hz and brightness control capabilities of Dimensity 9200 protect against harmful blue light and take better care of your eyes in dim environments. The vivo Vision Health Lab scientifically adjusts color temperature (at night) through anti-fatigue brightness adjustment strategies—a smart choice for eye protection.

vivo x90 ultra stunning screen
vivo x90

Water-Resistant Performance

With IP64 water and dust resistance4, fear no
splashing water.

vivo x90 water-proof

ZEISS Triple Camera:
Excellent Photography Competence5

VCS True Color Main Camera

IMX866VCS sensor

50 mm
Portrait Camera

IMX663 sensor

Wide-Angle Camera

IMX663 sensor
108° field of view

Laser Detect
Autofocus Sensor

vivo x90 zeiss triple camera

VCS True Color Main Camera

ZEISS T* Coating6: Effectively reduces ghost image and lens flares, to enable more clarity in the image.

Cross-generation VCS technology makes "qualitative change" by displaying original sensor information much closer to the human eye, with noise down by 20% and tone up by 15%7.

1/1.49''8 Ultra-large sensor f/1.75 Ultra-large
50 MP High resolution

zeiss 1-inch main camera

Night Sports Mode

Multiple algorithms and full-cycle optimization through night sports mode. Photosensitivity makes you confident in night photography. AI deep learning and autofocus improve sports scene recognition. Self-developed Hybrid Image Stabilization (OIS + EIS) easily delivers clear results of both frame-freezing and autofocusing in dim-light environments. Easily capture wonderful moments even in night scenarios.

vivo x90 night sports mode

Zero-Shutter-Lag Motion Snapshot Ensures You Never Miss a Wonderful Moment

Integration of sensors with vivo's high-speed capture technology and ultra-low-latency motion capture delivers zero-shutter-lag9 capabilities comparable to professional cameras. X90 ensures what you see is what you get. It provides you with incredible certainty and control.

vivo X90 has zero-shutter-lag motion

vivo V2 Chip

Embrace the Era of Ultra-High-Speed Dual-Chip Integration

The vivo V2 chip is upgraded at the hardware level—fully on-chip memory hierarchy, AI acceleration unit, and imaging processing subsystem redesigned from the underlying technology of the chip.

vivo v2 chip

Imaging Processing Subsystem

The innovative AI ISP low-latency image processing architecture provides AI Noise Reduction, HDR, and MEMC frame interpolation, greatly improving the effectiveness of frame interpolation, and achieving both AI noise reduction and HDR in real time.

AI Acceleration Unit

The built-in near-memory deep learning accelerator (DLA) has a maximum energy efficiency of 16.3 TOPS/W10.

Fully On-Chip Memory Hierarchy

Equipped with a large SRAM cache equivalent to 45 MB, the fully on-chip memory hierarchy has a memory bandwidth of 1.3 trillion bit/s10.

4K Ultra-Sensing Night Video11

Even in extreme night environments, the camera can accurately capture in dim light to produce beautiful pictures and surpass the human eye.

vivo x90
vivo x90

Capture the Romance of the World

  • vivo x90 landscape moon mode

    Landscape Moon

    With Super Night Scene 3.0 algorithm and hardware upgrade, you can easily capture the beautiful clear moon above the landscape with one tap.

  • vivo x90 blue landscape moon

    Landscape Moon

    The cool tone of blue sky and warm tone of the moon form natural layers of striking color contrast, yielding charming and mysterious effects.

  • vivo x90 artistic moon mode

    Artistic Moon

    The Double Exposure algorithm integrates the landscape and the moon to realize an artistic effect.

50 mm Portrait Camera |
ZEISS Style Portrait

ZEISS Cine-flare Portrait

As a new portrait style in ZEISS Style Portrait, ZEISS Cine-flare Portrait simulates the effect that people usually see in many films. Under a strong light source in the background, it generates a nice-looking flare.
This kind of lens flare can be an intentional part of the aesthetics of shot in cinematography. vivo and ZEISS jointly bring this effect to still photography via the flare effect simulation of ZEISS cinema lenses which generate this stunning effect.

ZEISS Cine-flare portrait

Showcase: ZEISS Cine-flare Portrait

  • ZEISS Cine-flare portrait

    ZEISS Cinematic Style Bokeh

  • ZEISS Cine-flare portrait

    ZEISS Biotar Style Bokeh

    ZEISS Biotar 1.5/75
    vivo x90
  • ZEISS Cine-flare portrait

    ZEISS Planar Style Bokeh

    ZEISS Planar 2.8/80
    vivo x90
  • ZEISS Cine-flare portrait

    ZEISS Sonnar Style Bokeh

    ZEISS Sonnar 2.8/180
    vivo x90
  • ZEISS Cine-flare portrait

    ZEISS Distagon Style Bokeh

    ZEISS Distagon 2.0/28
    vivo x90

Turn Your Portrait a Nautical Blue

Nautical Blue Portrait identifies environmental color temperature smartly by matching corresponding LUTs with color temperature ranges. Nautical blue effects are gently blended with blue-yellow tone during sunset, enriching portrait scenes by creating a cinematic atmosphere full of refined emotional expression. All-weather and full-scene blue portrait coverage.

vivo x90 series

ZEISS Cinematic
Video Bokeh

ZEISS Cinematic Video bokeh enables phone users to recreate classic Hollywood aesthetics by adding a film-like bokeh effect with a 2.39:1 widescreen aspect ratio combined with artistic long oval bokeh.
With enhanced computing power, ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh further refines the edges of the subject with greater accuracy and produces appropriate bokeh effects with the optimal perspective and depth. Make the video more cinematic.

vivo x90 series

ZEISS Miniature

X90 series offers ZEISS Landscape & Architecture Mode. ZEISS Miniature Effect with classic bokeh shows a miniature world in the viewfinder, allowing you to find beauty in familiar scenes of life. ZEISS APC facilitates centering images of high-rises horizontally and vertically.


  • zeiss miniature effect
  • zeiss apc
ZEISS Miniature Effect ZEISS APC

Color Choices

vivo Vivid Colors
ZEISS Natural Color 2.0

vivo Vivid Colors deliver charming brilliant colors. ZEISS Natural Color 2.0 makes colors more authentic and accurate, assuring a color experience that is loyal to the human eyes12.

vivo Vivid Colors vivo vivid colors before
ZEISS Natural Color 2.0 vivo vivid colors after

XDR Engine

XDR Engine enables brilliant images to be displayed even more splendidly. And it works for videos too. While you are running a vivo app or a third-party one, XDR Engine realizes precise control over the brightness and color of different parts of a picture, maximizing the high dynamic range of the OLED display and giving HDR videos more visual effects.

xdr engine simulates human vision vivo x90
vivo x90
vivo x90

and Fast

TSMC second-generation 4nm process technology has taken energy efficiency to the next level. Cortex-X3 ultra-large core delivers both superb performance and ultra-low power consumption.

MediaTek Dimensity 9200 5G 8-core chip

UFS 4.0 + MCQ
8-Core 8-Channel

MCQ: In-Depth Joint R&D by vivo and Dimensity.

Cutting-edge flagship performance Cutting-edge flagship performance vivo x90
vivo x90

Cooling in
Every Inch

Ultra Large Vapor Chamber
Liquid Cooling System
The ultra large vapor chamber boasts a vapor chamber area of up to 4,313mm², ensuring cooling across the device while delivering high frame rates during gameplay.

vivo ultra large vapor chamber liquid cooling system

Game Frame

With V2 Chip, Game Frame Interpolation of X90 series makes great progress. It can increase the frame rate of games whose original frame rates are low and bring users better experience with a game frame rate of up to 120 fps. The game now runs more smoothly with better graphics.

vivo x90 speeds up mobile gaming

Dual Chip

1 + 1 > 2 Hybrid Power

Equipped with the Dimensity 9200 and V2 chip, X90 delivers "1 + 1 > 2" hybrid power through architecture upgrades. In performance, AI, video, games, and other areas, X90 can deal with complex application scenarios and fully optimize the user experience.

120W Dual-Cell FlashCharge (Wired)

Equivalent 16
4810 mAh
vivo x90-4810mah-equivalent

120W Dual-Cell FlashCharge

Reach 50%17 charge in just 8 minutes

4810mAh-equivalent dual-cell large battery16 and 120W dual-cell design delivers rapid charge speeds. Never worry about battery charge again.

Dual Stereo Speaker

Immersive and
High-Quality Audio

Immersive 3D stereo experience with surround, balanced, and boom bass. Enjoy 3D
audio and dual immersion while watching videos or playing games.

vivo x90 Dual Stereo Speaker

More Colors

A Full Range of Colors18

Optional built-in colors for a unique UI look. Smart icon color change injects some new fun to your daily life.

vivo x90
vivo x90 pro
vivo x90 pro
vivo x90 pro

International Warranty19

We provide international warranty
service for this model.
No longer worry
about your device.

vivo international warranty

Exclusive Service20

    Free protective film and protective case

    You can get protective film and protective case for free to protect your device on service day.

    Free labor fee

    No handling fee for out of warranty and in warranty repair.

    Free loaner device

    A back-up device is offered while yours is being repaired.

    Free maintenance mervice

    Enjoy free services such as mobile phone cleaning, testing, disinfection, and memory cleaning.

    Hotline service

    Call 1800 81 2836 or 601546000720 for professional support.

Design Photography Performance Experience

Funtouch OS 13 is based on Android 13.

Stainless steel Halo Ring is only available on X90 Pro, not on X90.

Measured diagonally, the screen size is 6.78-inch in the full rectangle. Actual display area is slightly smaller. The screen's local peak brightness, refresh rate, instant touch sampling rate, and other data are sourced from vivo Labs and may differ between tests.

X90 is tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP64 under IEC standard 60529. Its main MIC and deputy MIC are not within the scope of test standards as they are for external connection. Please refer to the actual conditions.

Different shooting modes may result in different pixel and imaging effects. Refer to the actual usage situation.

T* refers to the "transmission layer". ZEISS T* Coating enhances visible light transmission, improves image quality, and accurately reproduces the color of objects while reducing reflectivity and other negative effects such as ghosting and stray light. Data is obtained from vivo Labs.

The data is obtained based on comparison with the previous IMX866 sensor.

The actual output area of IMX866vcs sensor is 1/1.56 inches.

Shutter lag is the time difference between when the shutter is triggered and when the photo is actually taken.

The data is sourced from vivo Labs, and actual performance may vary depending on the operating environment and other conditions.

The 4K Night Video feature is only available when the phone takes videos at 30 fps.

X90 was jointly tuned by vivo and ZEISS. It has the industry-leading hue offset ΔE in a smartphone.

The performance score of 1,220,000 on AnTuTU V9 is provided by vivo Labs, and the test device is the 12 GB + 256 GB edition of X90. Data is for reference only, and the score may vary with different editions and test environments.

The parameters of Dimensity 9200 chip come from official data provided by MediaTek, The comparison sample is a Dimensity 9000 chip.

The Game Frame Interpolation feature is currently only available for some compatible games. Please refer to actual gaming experience.

This product is designed with dual-cell series connection:
Typical battery capacity: 2405 mAh (7.78V) , equivalent to 4810 mAh (3.89V) .
Typical battery energy: 18.71 Wh
Rated battery capacity: 2345 mAh (7.78V) , equivalent to 4690 mAh (3.89V) .
Rated battery energy: 18.24 Wh

In Fast charging mode, X90 can be charged to 50% within 8 minutes. The charging data is obtained from vivo laboratory tests. Test environment: ambient and phone temperature of 25℃±1℃. Test conditions: 1% of battery capacity, in Fast charging mode, all phone services and features turned off except for voice calls, screen off, and an official standard charger and data cable used. Actual data may vary depending on the test environment, charging situation, original phone temperature, long-term battery wear, and other factors.

The scope of application for monochrome icons depends on adaptation of third parties.

We provide international warranty service for this model. No longer worry about your device. For designated devices, you can enjoy in warranty repair, out of warranty repair and software upgrade services at any vivo authorized service center in the country/region where it is officially sold.

Some service items are subject to to the actual conditions of the service center. For details, please contact the local service center.

The appearance diagram, internal structure diagram and product effect of X90 on the page are for reference only. The actual products may look different in color, silk screen printing and other details due to specific light environments and production batches. Please refer to the actual products.

The data and parameters on the above pages are test results under standard environment of vivo laboratory. The actual data and parameters (such as aperture parameters) may differ slightly due to variations in test environments, test software, and supplier's material batches, etc.

The sample photo effects are for reference only. The resolution in different shooting modes may be different. Samples of the ZEISS Automatic Perspective Correction (APC) feature are shot by X90 Pro and re-sized for reference only. Please refer to the actual shooting effects.

As some specifications, parameters, parts and appearance details of the product may alter due to replacement of suppliers or different production batches, vivo will update descriptions on pages accordingly in real time. Please check carefully.

ZEISS, the ZEISS Logo, Vario-Tessar and T* are registered trademarks of Carl Zeiss AG.

RAM & ROM: As the mobile phone operating system and pre-installed applications have occupied part of the storage space, the actual RAM and ROM space is slightly smaller.