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My phone supports aptX/aptX-HD/aptX-LL codec, can it be used with vivo TWS 2 ANC?

Does vivo TWS 2 ANC/2e support automatic re-connection?

When listening to music with TWS 2 ANC, why does the music stop when I take off an earphone?

Will there be a difference in power between the left and right earphones during use?

How to connect to another new mobile phone when it is paired and connected?

How to check the battery level of the earphone?

Does it support wireless charging?

How to turn on DeepX 2.0 stereo sound effect?

How to pair and connect with a mobile phone?

Can I connect two mobile phones at the same time? Or can a mobile phone be connected with two sets of earphones at the same time?

What are the charging specifications of the earphone? Is it equipped with a charger? What is the power of the charger?

What is the DEEP-HD ultra-definition audio engine?

How is the sound quality of the Earphone?

How long does it take to fully charge the earphone?

What is the relationship between aptX-Adaptive and aptX, aptX-HD, and aptX-LL? How can I use aptXAdaptive audio mode?

Can the function of active noise reduction be used during standby, watching videos and making calls?

How do I use the earphone to answer a phone call?

How to adjust the volume of the earphone?

Will the earphone consume power out of the charging case when it is not used?

How to switch the noise reduction mode?

What is QHS high-bandwidth Bluetooth transmission technology?

Can the earphone be used alone?

What is the maximum connection distance between the earphone and the mobile phone? In case of disconnection due to the distance out of connection range, how long will it take to reconnect automatically after returning to the effective range?

How to charge the earphone?

What is battery duration of the earphone after it is fully charged?

Does the earphone support active noise reduction?

Does it support high-definition audio decoding?

How to use dynamic noise reduction/three-speed noise reduction?

Does the earphone need to be switched off when being connected?

What is intelligent dynamic noise reduction? What is the effect?

Does the earphone support call noise reduction?

Does the earphone support clear mode?

Does the dual connection of multiple devices consume more power? Is device adaptation required?