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Newly purchased phone gets hot

Our products are hotter compared to other phones

Heats up while charging

Common cooling methods

Heats up during simple online scenarios (such as text chat, web page browsing)

Heats up when watching videos and live streamings

Heats up when drivers and riders are using the order-taking apps

The phone heats up in a high temperature environment, direct sunlight, or covered by foreign objects

What happens if the phone gets hot for a long time?

Common factors that cause the phone to heat up (applicable when the user does not clearly indicate the usage scenario)

Heats up during system upgrade

Heats up when connected to phone car charger

Screen heats up

Phone heats up during video call

Heats up when using Maps or Navigation

Heat near the location of the rear camera

Phone heats up when playing games

Phone heats up during game recording

Phone heats up during live streaming

Heats up when the multiple Apps are open

A pop-up window appears when the phone is hot

Heats up after system upgrade

App heats up when downloading and installing

Phone heats up during shooting or recording videos

Phone heats up during using personal hotspot function

Heats up when charging with screen off

Heats up when charging with screen on

Metal frame heats up

Heats up when using other third-party apps

Product safety design consultation on heat generation

Heats up when using EasyShare or transfering phone data

Heats up when the screen is off

Heats up when making calls