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During a video call, my image is not clear on the other party

Why can't I access the internet (via 2G/3G/4G/5G)?

Unable to use VoLTE

Unable to connect to WiFi

Why can't I use 4G/5G on my phone?

Unable to turn on WiFi

Application received notification delay

The internet speed is slow when using the data network

Unable to access the internet using mobile data

Why is there noise during a call?

Unable to receive SMS or MMS messages

Why does my phone lag while playing a game using the mobile network?

The app is unable to access the internet

Why are my SMS or MMS messages delayed?

Unable to receive calls

What should I do if I can't hear the other party during a call?

Unable to make a call

Unable to update the system and the server is not responding.

Unable to send SMS or MMS messages

Why I can not open web pages?

Why does my browser load pages slowly?

The call ends automatically when talking on my Phone

Why can others not hear my voice during calling?

What if I can't make a call?

The voice is low/intermittent during a call

What should do if I can not make a call?