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How to turn on/off Autostart for my apps?

How to add the apps into Speedup Whitelist?

How can I close all the apps at one time?

How to keep my apps always running in the background?

How to enable or disable Floating window of my apps?

My Vivo phone downloads games and apps automatically. What should I do?

What should I do if the app downloaded is not compatible?

Why can I not install the apps?

Where can I change the default browser?

What should I do if the apps stop running or are suddenly closed?

How to export the apps on my phone?

Where can I set the default apps?

Why does the “illegal software” notification appear when I install the app?

There is "No respond" prompt when I enter the app or game. What should I do?

The app or game stops running frequently. What should I do?

The app or game exits automatically frequently. What should I do?