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How to turn off the Auto-Brightness and adjust the brightness manually?

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Why can't the high refresh rate be used for some apps?

Enabling Eye Protection of a phone with OLED display saves power

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Global adaptive refresh rate

How can I set the refresh rate of the screen?

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HBM mode

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What are the differences between LTPO and global adaptive refresh rate?

Introduction to LTPO

Introduction to the refresh rate of the screen

How to query the TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification?

How can I enable Eye Protection feature?

Why does Automatic adjustment of screen brightness fail?

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How can I disable Low Brightness Anti-flicker?

How can I set Low Brightness Anti-flicker?

What are the differences between Low Brightness Anti-flicker and DC dimming?

Introduction to Low Brightness Anti-flicker

Why does Rotation lock not working while using Smart Split?

Can I adjust the duration time of lock screen light ?

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How to set the Auto-lock time?

How to turn on/off Rotation lock?

Summary of Dark Mode/Dark Theme problems

Why does the app jitter when I swipe the screen on the app interface?

The display of bullet screen is sometimes fast and sometimes slow when a high refresh rate is enabled.

How can I set LTPO?

Enable reduced blue light for eye protection in gaming

Reduced blue light for eye protection in gaming

TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification

How to set Timed Eye Protection?

Introduction to Eye Protection

How to disable Eye Protection?

What does the A mean after brightness adjustment bar?

How can I adjust screen brightness?

How can I set Automatic adjustment of screen brightness?

Can I adjust the screen color temperature?

Disable Adaptive ambient color temperature

Adaptive ambient color temperature