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What is AI Game mode?

How to use Game picture-in-picture?

Does Ultra Game Mode consumes more power?

What is Game mode?

What it is FPS?

Why doesn't my phone support Game Voice Changer?

What if the 4D Game Vibration fails?

How to enable Esports Mode?

How to enable Touch Acceleration

What is Multi-Turbo engine?

How to enable "Increase frame rate"?

Abnormal use of Ultra Game Mode

How to enable Voice Changer

What games does Ultra Game Mode support?

What if the Monster Touch buttons are not sensitive or responsive?

How to enable 4D Game Vibration?

Close games displayed in Ultra Game Mode

Why does the call interface display in full screen while there is an incoming call even though I have turned on Game mode, Background calls and Auto reject calls?

Does the tempered glass screen protector affect the Monster Touch operations?

Introduction to Game Space

Set Game Assistant

Disable Ultra Game Mode

Does vivo Phone support Vulkan?

Why can't I enable "Increase frame rate" and "Stabilize frame rate" simultaneously?

Game sidebar cannot be slid out

Game frame interpolation does not show the "Increase frame rate" option.

How does my phone show the real-time frame rate?

Automatically reject incoming calls while gaming

How to enable game sidebar

The frame rate is not increased when frame interpolation is enabled.

Does Ultra Game Mode occupy the network?

Is there a time limit for Off-screen Autoplay?

Will the mobile phone be affected if I keep Ultra Game Mode enabled all the time?

Eagle eye view enhancement technology

How to set Ultra Game Mode

Disable Picture-in-Picture

What is Picture-in-Picture?

Which games can use the Monster Touch buttons?

Why don't some games on my phone support the high refresh rate?

What is 4D Game Vibration?

The image has a latency when game frame interpolation is enabled.

Disable "Stabilize frame rate"

Disable "Increase frame rate"

Enable game frame interpolation

Disable Do Not Disturb Game

Does the background call in game mode support WhatsApp call?

Meaning of gaming time

Autoplay Mode

How to disable Ultra Game Mode?

Which games support Picture-in-Picture?

Why is there no Esports Mode option in Game sidebar?

Can I answer phone calls while I am playing games?

Why can I not bring up Control Center while playing games?

How to bring up Game Keyboard?

How to disable Esports Mode?

Introduction to Esports Mode

How to disable 4D Game Vibration?

The enabled game frame interpolation feature does not work.

How to enable "Stabilize frame rate"?

Disable game frame interpolation

Game frame interpolation

MEMC (motion estimation and motion compensation) technology

Does Ultra Game Mode support adding shortcut to home screen?

Can I add games to Ultra Game Mode?

Disable visual effect enhancement

How to enable visual effect enhancement

Visual effect enhancement

Disable Eagle eye view enhancement

How to enable Eagle eye view enhancement

Disable Autoplay Mode

How to disable Voice Changer

Disable the game sidebar display

Duration setting of Autoplay Mode

Introduction to game anti-accidental touch

How to use Off-screen Autoplay Mode?

Why does the Chat Head appear while playing games even though I turn on Game mode and Block floating previews?