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Where can I purchase Screen-broken Insurance?

What is Vivo General Warranty Policy?

How to check the remaining warranty period of my phone?

What is the E-warranty card?

Can I use the E-warranty card to claim warranty if my receipt and warranty card got lost?

Is there Screen-broken Insurance?

How to check if my phone is the retreading machine?

Where can I purchase Extended Warranty?

Is there Extended warranty?

Does my phone still have the warranty after repaired in other places(not Vivo service center)?

Does my phone warranty still work in another country?

Can I just replace the glass without replacing the display?

Is the repair free at Vivo service center if the warranty runs out?

What is the warranty policy after I replace my phone at service center?

Does my phone still have the warranty after repaired at Vivo service center?

Is warranty still covered after I flash my phone?

Does warranty of my phone still work after my rooted phone is recovered at service center?

What is the warranty after I change the parts?